5 Essential Real Estate Poster Design Tips to Boost Sales


If there is one industry that rarely sees a long downturn, it’s real estate. People are always looking for properties, and real estate agencies need to ensure that they are getting the word out to those potential buyers.

While there are a number of ways to reach clients, one of the more traditional methods of outreach still remains unbeatable—real estate posters. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to design a poster that captures your brand essence while also being attractive.

You will want to start by using a poster template, as that will save you the trouble of having to create a poster from scratch. Once you have chosen a template suitable for you, use these poster design tips to make your real estate poster and watch your sales increase.

Adopt a Strong Color Scheme

You will have seen how marketing influencers use color in their social media posts, and you should take a leaf out of their book. When it comes to using colors, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Choose colors that complement each other, or are contrasting, as those will make your poster more easily noticeable to passers-by, like the example below.

You have the choice of going with the less is more angle and using only one or two colors. You can use a monochromatic color scheme and add one extra color as an accent which will make your poster design more striking.

Or you can go the opposite route, and use 8-10 colors in your scheme. These should be complementary to each and should generally not be paired with too many other items. Avoid crowding this kind of poster with excessive text and imagery because the colors are the main draw.

You could use colors in the background, and add image boxes above to make the images stand out more. Alternatively, you can add a color overlay on a background image. This is a great way to enhance a minimalist poster, and also makes the text pop more in the layout.

A great color palette will enhance your poster design and help you reach buyers faster.

Make the Most of Fonts

The color and imagery you use in your poster design work to attract attention. But the information about your property lies within the text you incorporate. You need to use fonts judiciously if your clients are to understand what you are selling.

When it comes to fonts, it is best not to use too many. One for your headline, another for your sub-heading, and a third font for your body copy. You can also decrease this to two, using only one font for the sub-heading and body copy, instead.

The font you use should be clearly readable even from a distance. This aspect primarily relates to your headline—it should be large and easy to see. The sub-heading and body text can be smaller, as they are focused on sharing details such as the market rate for rent, where and when the property will be available, and other essential property statistics.

You will also want to ensure that the text color contrasts with the background, as that will make it easier to read.

Always remember to keep plenty of space around your text. Crowding the text will make it harder to read, and that will lose your intended audience.

By using the right fonts for your poster, you will be able to convey your message to buyers more efficiently.

Use Icons in the Poster Design

Icons are a great way to express information. They are illustrative and colorful and are immediately recognizable by all who view them.

Instead of packing in your poster with large amounts of text that will turn your potential audience away, use icons to share the same messages.

You can also use icons as bullet points, that will immediately make your creativity stand out. Bullet points are a good way to break up a body of text and are easily readable. But what will really make your poster stand out is if you use icons related to your real estate brand as bullet points.

Another way to be creative with icons is to swap out a letter with an icon. If you are using a particularly large font for your headline, you could change the letter ‘A’ for a house, for instance. This will make your headline and poster stand out with ease.

Adopting icons across your poster will help you share more information with your buyers in a quick and easy-to-absorb fashion so you can reach your sales goals.

Play Around with Poster Layouts

Your poster layout doesn’t have to be safe—you can get creative with it. Divide the poster into two halves and show contrasting images, like a before and after of a buyer’s life once they have bought your property.

Alternatively, look at dividing up the poster into a number of large blocks—this is especially relevant for real estate agencies trying to sell numerous properties in one area. Don’t list them out in a long line. Create distinctive areas within your poster where you can highlight each property and share the most important specifications about them.

Whatever you decide to do with your poster’s design, remember to keep consistent margins around your poster so the layout remains clean and easy to read for buyers.

Include Your Branding

One of the most crucial aspects of marketing collateral is including your brand in all materials. Your brand—which includes your logo, your colors, and even your fonts—need to be implemented in some way or form in your posters.

You still have the option to use different icons, colors, and fonts to make your poster more attractive, but it shouldn’t be a complete contrast to what your brand stands for. You don’t want to be using cartoons to sell your properties if you haven’t used such illustrations before.

Your logo should be visible, and you should also include your contact information, particularly your website, phone number, and email, so buyers know whom to contact if they are interested.

The most important aspect of incorporating your brand identity into your posters, and all other materials, such as flyers, social media posts, and real estate chatbots, is consistency. This will help enhance your brand identity and make you more recognizable to potential buyers.


These five simple tips should set you on the path to creating beautiful posters for your real estate agency. Attracting attention with strong colors is the first step, but you also need to optimize readability by choosing the right fonts and icons. You don’t need to stick to conventional layouts—with the help of poster templates, you can be more creative. But most importantly, you must remember to use your branding across your designs.

Now you can make great posters that will help you reach buyers and boost your sales.