5 Home Library Ideas Every Book Reader Should Know

home library

Undoubtedly, the city life is loud, from blaring sirens, honking cars to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While many choose to live in a city due to the energy it exudes, it is not the place for those seeking quiet.

Moving to a family-friendly residential state is a good option for people who have grown tired of the city noise and want a cozy environment. The primary benefit of living in the suburbs is you are neither close to the bustling city nor too far. Instead, family-friendly suburbs offer a variety of suitable housing options for those wanting peace of mind from the crowded city life.

If you are an introvert, you will find that a small town has more to offer than just a welcoming neighborhood. One way you can truly make yourself feel at home is by setting up a library or a small book corner near the window to stay cozy indoors. Reading in your own little corner will give you those Classical Era, Jane-Austin’s-main-character vibes. Moreover, you’ll look forward to taking time out from tedious tasks and seeking solace in your corner with a book in your hand. 

Where to Start?

As an avid book reader with a wide range of collections, if you are moving to a quiet small town and don’t have space, make room by packing and shifting some stuff to a storage facility of your choice. You can easily find reputable facilities by typing “storage units cedar park” and getting a storage unit of your choice near your home! 

In addition to creating space, you can also come up with ideas for building a library that will put your favorite books on display and turn your home into an inspirational masterpiece. No clue where to start? Here are some recommendations to get you going.

Built-in Library

The essential aspect of enjoying the library is not only related to books; it’s about being comfortable when you slip into the world of words. While there might not be enough space to store your books, a built-in library will do the trick. For example, you can transform an ordinary room with a window into a home library to create functional storage and an impressive look for your interiors.

Having a built-in library, especially with a window seat, will provide natural light and a stunning view of the outside. Next, top the built-in library with a cushion for a more cozy feel.

Floor to Ceiling

The floor-to-ceiling library is a reflection of traditional bookcases built years ago. They look elegant and are simple to assemble. While it might be difficult to dedicate a room to a full-scale library, you could dedicate a portion of your home to a bookshelf.  A floor-to-ceiling library in a home proves that class is not confined to the university hall.

Irrespective of the size of the library you want to build in your home, it is about the joy you experience while visiting your bookshelf occasionally. You can start your work on the library by planning and measuring where you want to set up the bookshelf. 

You could add a rolling ladder if you have small children for safety precautions, and it would be a beautiful addition to your bookshelf.

DIY Home Library

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a multi-bedroom home, you can always design a library without spending too much money. Location is the main thing that should be considered when building a book corner. Ideally, you should choose an area in your home that will provide you space for long cozy reading sessions.

A study or an office space is perfect for a DIY library. While the room is used for studying or doing office work, it could be an excellent spot for reading. Swipe an uncomfortable chair with a comfortable soft armchair to make you comfortable.

When choosing a space for your collection, pick a color for your library that will set your mood. For a minimalistic look, go for white with hints of black. Add gold or pink with shades of white if you want a loose or airy atmosphere.

Color Scheme   

Picking out an appropriate color for your home library will set the mood for your reading time. While there are various color schemes to go with, adding the right one will enhance the look of your reading space. If you focus on keeping the room light, you could use colors like shades of gray with simple black.

Color palette including colors like orange, shades of brown, and golden will create a modern look. Neutral colors, wooden furniture, and rustic design will give you a feel similar to the outdoors.

Wall Space

People with a tiny room often have trouble with book storage due to limited or no space. However, you could put a bookcase near or inside the wall. The benefit of adding a bookcase is that it doesn’t take much of the floor space. Using decorations from holidays will make it more stylish.  

Store your books in a standing order to avoid a shortage of space. It would also make it easy for you to find the title later. While setting up a bookcase, make sure that shelving is of good quality and will accommodate all your books. It would relieve you from the stress of having a sagging bookcase that would damage your beloved collection.


City life is stressful, from blaring sirens to the everyday hustle and bustle. The chaos physically and mentally exhausts you, due to which there is no surprise that you would consider moving into a friendly residential area that is neither too far nor near to the city. The peaceful and quiet environment suburbs have to offer is a stress reliever. However, if you are an introvert, what better way to make yourself comfortable at home than cozying up with your favorite book.   As a bookworm, there is a big chance there won’t be enough space to store all of your beloved collection, but you don’t need to worry about that. You could always make room for your growing pile of books by building a library in your home. There are numerous ideas, from building a floor-to-ceiling library to dedicating a portion of your living room to the reading corner. So, bring forth your creative side and build a library of your dreams.