5 Real Estate SEO Tips For Finding Prospect Home Buyers

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The real estate industry is at its peak but there is cut-throat competition both online and offline. Here are 5 real estate SEO tips for finding prospect home buyers in a busy market.

What do you expect from your real estate business?

  • Quality local leads
  • Calls from tenants who are really interested
  • Meetings with qualified prospects
  • Fast revenue

Are you able to achieve all this easily? We all know how challenging this can sometimes be.

The good news:

You can now rely on digital marketing as 90 percent of your prospect buyers are searching for “New property near me” on Google every second.

SEO for real estate not only helps you to connect with tenants but also unburdens you from investing huge money in local advertisements. 

In simple terms, SEO means your website will be seen on the top pages of search engines. More clicks, more revenue!

If you want to be a real estate king with an online presence, follow these easy steps now!

1. Focus on Generic Keywords

If you have made up your mind to increase your real estate business with an SEO strategy, targeting the right keywords should be your priority.

The first rule of selecting keywords is to keep yourself in the “shoes of buyers”

Use terms like “Best property”,  “commercial real estate company” or anything which comes to your mind as a buyer.

In case you want to target specific categories, choose the name of your city and area where your company is currently present. Eg: SEO Agency In Toronto

Some of the best keywords are with your company’s name. Here, you have to focus your website is listed on all CRE listing sites, for example, where various properties are listed.

By selecting the right keywords, you have created a roadmap for the content which you can publish on your website.

2. Content is Your Clicks Digger

You might have seen it on various blogs where writers write “Content is king” but the current SEO strategy states that “Original content is King”.

There was a time when Google algorithms were not that strict and people made thousands through copy blogs but now unique content is required to rank higher.

Not all content is text-based so you have to add videos, photos, and graphics to make it more engaging.

Things you can include in your website content:

  • Property descriptions
  • Statistics reports of properties
  • News, articles and Press releases
  • Company updates and transactions
  • Overview of the company

The optimal approach in terms of content is to list properties with all the minor details which are not present on your competitor’s website.

3. Optimizing SEO Elements

Every page of a real estate company’s website has essential SEO elements. Google does not understand your content but ranks you on the basis of the Page title, meta description, and images. Let’s understand the following elements in detail:

Page Title

In the case of a real estate website, the company’s name is generally added in the title. The first thing your prospect buyer will see is the title. You must also add keywords in the title to increase it’s Google presence.

Meta Description

After the title, the second most important thing which will be visible in Google pages is the Meta Description.

It is advisable to keep it within 120-158 characters. You can also add your targeted keyword here. 

Keep all the important aspects of your website in the first sentence so that the audience gets compelled to click out of curiosity.

Optimizing Images

Googlebot gathers the links but it doesn’t know what is on the image (yet! 🙂 so the description is added to every picture and the appropriate file name is given with Alt tags.

You just cannot miss this process as it is one of the important small techniques which will influence your real estate website SEO. 63% percent of people directly click the image to find the content.

4. Get More Links

One magic trick to improve your website ranking is to link your websites with authoritative websites. 10 years ago this technique was fruitful and even now it is a golden mantra for any SEO strategy. 

Highly-positioned websites will only link with you if your content is unique and interesting for readers. To get more links your content must have CRE reports of marked positions, infographics and relevant images which can be useful as an example.

You also need to write some guest blog posts which can be published on other websites in order to get links. Contact media sources where you can present press releases.

Once you make a reliable contact, maintain a good relationship as it will be useful for the future. Total win-win situation both the sides.

Note: Links taken from educational and government websites are considered to be of high-quality.

5. Speed-up Your Page

It is very simple to understand that people won’t stay on a website if it takes too much time to load. Google knows this dilemma and ranks sites which have faster load speeds.

There are many reasons that affect page load speed like content, hosting servers, image size, optimization of website and compression of the code.

To check the speed of the page there are many speed checkers available online where they address the things in order to increase the speed.

Some of the queries can be resolved by SEO personal but other problems may require web development skills.

SEO Is The Backbone Of Any Campaign

We have provided all the strategies by which you can easily boost your real estate business.

Real estate was completely offline but due to the advent of the internet and mobiles, it has grown to what it is today. With the right SEO techniques, your brand can be the talk of the town!