6 Creative Ideas for Your Laundry Room Decor Inspiration

clean laundry in home

Many people think of doing laundry as a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. By decorating your laundry room, you can make a mundane activity more interesting. Decorating your room with joy and happiness would make a positive impact on this everyday chore.

The environment around you plays a large part in your mood, and a room as essential as the laundry room needs to be in shape. So, the next time you sit to work on your laundry, you won’t feel miserable. Here are some ideas that can help you give your laundry room the love and care it needs:

Clear Your Space and Change Your Space

It is not uncommon for laundry rooms to be used as storage areas. Your children’s old toys, old clothing, and boxes of family photos may find their way here. Navigating around clutter can be pretty frustrating. A box may block the machine and make you feel tight on space. So, take a few minutes to go through the cleaning process first to make your life easier.

If you live in King County and have a house in Sammamish, you’re aware of how easily suburban homes can get crowded. The city’s mild oceanic climate can add humidity into the laundry, making it stuffier than it needs to be. That’s why you need to contact your local moving companies who can help you relocate your old and forgotten items to a new location. Professional services can help pack and transport your goods. So make sure you Declutter, box, and give your things away for storage or charity.

You’ll notice a significant change in your laundry room and may even add another appliance. Furthermore, you can rearrange the appliances and create more space by adding cozy furniture, such as a rocking chair or an indoor swing.

Move It All Up

Adding shelving units into your laundry room to make it look both organized and chic. Wooden shelves are ideal, as it would add a neat and natural look to these rooms. Moreover, you can have a space that will store all your linen items, detergents, and even small trinkets. A DIY decor is a great option if you’re on a budget.

If you’re feeling creative, consider purchasing wooden roll-out shelves that double as iron stands and a folding table. With this simple trick, you can have a neat and nifty laundry room at your disposal. With a little creativity, you can even paint these shelves a deep blue or bottle green to add depth to the room.

Space For Your Machines

Machines are large and clunky. They can single-handedly take over the entire space of your laundry room. In the laundry room, misplaced devices make it look crowded and conceal small decoration pieces. Properly placing these appliances would be a great help in resolving the problem. If you have a knack for DIY projects, you can even build and paint these.

Nevertheless, you should enlist the help of a professional. Someone who is apt at this job can make space and fit shelves inside the walls. And voila! You get washing machines and dryers on top of each other in their respective units that are properly installed into the wall. With the newly freed-up space, you can bring some life into the room by adding a basket, a figurine, or potted plants to the room.

Keep It Simple With A Rack

Certain clothing items are delicate; you can’t risk putting them in the drier and getting tossed around. It helps if you have a drying rack to look after your delicate articles and add color to your room. If you have a large family, you need to invest in modern and enormous racks. However, if the laundry load is small, a sleek and slim drier is a good choice.

You should also take the room’s size and current style into account. A Victorian-style laundry room will look like a chic drier. If your theme is modern and your laundry room is spacious, you can easily splurge on any rack. Consider mounting the drier rack on the wall if you like even more organized and creative spaces. But, hang the shelf in an aerated area near-maximum ventilation, so the clothes don’t take days to dry.

Add Color With Wallpapers

Wallpapers are an easy way to add a splash color to your laundry room. These sheets come in a range of colors and patterns, suitable for your taste. So you can easily pick the best wallpaper that will add and harm to your laundry room. If you like plain wallpapers, you can experiment with a range of neutral and pastel tones that can make your room look bigger. Color impacts your mood, and going down into your newly bright room can bring a bounce on your step. Floral prints, bird prints, and even plant prints are waiting to grace your laundry room.

Play With The Lights

Lights change the entire outlook of your room. You can choose from a range of light fixtures, from modern to old school large fixtures. So your options include industrial lights, panel lights, and long overhead ceiling lights.

The lighting itself should be bright and white as it helps make the laundry room look spacious and gives it a nice attractive feeling. The light in the room makes a difference. If you work with poor lighting and no fixtures, not only does it make your laundry room look smaller, it’s hard to work. So bright lights highlighting your shiny room can motivate you to work on your chores.

Wrap Up

If you don’t feel like doing the laundry, you won’t have fresh and fun clothes. Each room in your home requires attention and details to make it unique. The laundry room is no exception. Your machines need a rightful place in the room, so clear out the space, designate a spot for them and decorate around the appliances.

You can also get handy and build shelves if you’re up to the challenge. Additionally, you should be creative in selecting the right wallpaper, light fixtures, and even the driers. In other words, when you assemble the laundry room, it should look no less glamorous than an image in a magazine.