6 Ways To Upscale Your Property Before Selling

upscale your property

Selling your house is a bittersweet experience. You’re letting go of the place your called home for years, sometimes decades. However, the chance to sell it introduces you to new opportunities and financial rewards you might never have thought of. Not only are you going to open yourself up to a fair amount of monetary compensation, but now you have the chance to start a new life in a better home with tips from A+ Construction & Remodeling.

Selling is a complicated process. However, you need to do your research to get the best price for your house. The way to do that is by upscaling the property while you have it. It’s always a good idea to conduct renovation and reconstructions whenever you can. This article is going to be talking about ways to upscale your property. With that said, let’s get down to it. Here are six things you can do to upscale your property before selling it.

Take Care Of Damage

Specially in older homes, basic wear and tear take a toll on the house. If you are looking to sell the house, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You wouldn’t want to buy a house with broken doors, chipping paint, and a ton of water damage, would you? Get the place fixed before putting it on the market. One of the most common areas of concern is water seepage through the wall. Water damage has a particular way of devaluing your house more than you can imagine. Call in a water damage advisor as soon as possible to get a quote on the place. You can either get it fixed yourself or take it out of the cost of the house when you plan on selling.  However, it creates a better image if you take care of it yourself. It gives the buyer assurance that they are dealing with a trustworthy seller.

Remodel The Bathroom

You might be surprised to learn that many people take notice of how much work you have or haven’t done to the existing bathroom. For many people, the master bathroom is one of the most critical parts of the house. What you can do to upscale the bathroom is changing out the tiles, adding in a tub, or installing a double vanity countertop. Moreover, changing the backsplash in the shower can also go a long way in adding value to the bathroom and increasing the overall appeal.

Revamp The Kitchen

Another one of the most important parts of the house is the kitchen. It is a section of the house where a fair amount of activity occurs, so you want to make sure it’s fixed to perfection. Consider installing marble countertops. Buyers love authentic marble counters as not only do they look great, they’re fairly durable as well. Other than that, you can change the kitchen backsplash, add an island if you don’t already have one, and most importantly, change the cabinets. The cabinets bring the entire kitchen theme together, so make sure you upscale those to the best of your ability.

Can’t Go Wrong With Hardwood Floors

As great as tiles can be, there’s nothing like a wooden floor. There’s something about hardwood floors that radiates a homelike feeling. Chip off the tiles, strip off the carpets and lay down some wooden paneling. Adding in the wood means that the house’s theme will be considerably easier to blend when the buyer adds décor and furniture. Moreover, it adds a fair amount of value to the house because quality wood is far from cheap.

Pay Attention To The Outdoor Appeal

Having a nice home interior is great, but you need to focus on the outside as well. Not only do you need to paint the front of your house and make it look presentable, but consider changing the door as well. Add some hanging lamps, build a patio and even change the roofing if you can. Other than that, look at the landscaping as well. A well-manicured lawn with plants and rocks can significantly add to the value of the house. Also, curb appeal is important when buying a house. It’s the first thing people notice about the place, so make sure the outside is as impressive as the inside.

Add Something Special

If you are looking to gain extra value from your property, think outside the box. Why should they pay extra for your house? Does it have something different? You can remodel the property to look like a new house, but that just doesn’t cut it for some people. Add something which no other place in the neighborhood has. Install a pool or a hot tub in the backyard. Get a basketball post. Maybe think of adding a game room or secret cave in the house. It will be positively amusing to learn how many people appreciate such special features!


Keep these factors in mind when upscaling your house. A helpful piece of advice is that you work on the house as much as you can when living in it. However, remember to upscale the house on a budget. Splurging money on the property doesn’t mean it will always pay off when you try to sell. Keep the budgets reasonable and your expectation of profits just as reasonable. The rest is how well you play your cards when bargaining with the buyer.