7 Marketing Hacks to Improve Your Business

Sometimes the best way to reach your goals is through a simple hack. You don’t need to go through the lucrative process of having a plan. Just a handful of tricks is more than enough to get you an edge. According to Hubspot, “Where to buy” and “Near Me,” mobile queries have grown by 200%. It means that consumers are already occupying online spaces. All you need to do is channel their attention towards you. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Creative Ad Campaigns. The first rule of any successful marketing is getting your customer’s attention. The question is, how do you get them to look at you? Simple. Through ads. Customers are on the go every day, whether it’s commuting to work or going about their daily routine. 

What they all have in common is their technological devices, such as smartphones. You need to ensure that the ads that play across these devices are creative, short, and easy to engage with. You can either spend resources and create videos or find a target audience and use their keywords in your ads. 

Suppose you want to sell paper. Your target audience is any company and individual users who need paper. Your keywords can include ‘Bulk of A4 grade paper.’ ‘Long lasting paper.’ You can even employ ad extensions such as your contact, location, and services. The purpose is to ensure your customers know where to find you and have transparency between your business and their demands. 

  1. Be Open to Partnerships. Collaboration is an essential strategy. You achieve more as a team than you can do alone. Think of it this way, when you have a bigger group. You have a greater chance of exploring opportunities and covering all the bases. You can even add backlinks to your new content made through extensive collaboration for your consumers to find you. When you choose to stick to your company alone and work with only a handful of members, you can only do so much. Your company may also not have enough resources to conduct large-scale surveys. 

When you can combine certain assets, you will find that you can reach out to more consumers. Get more products onboard and have better-looking ads with a combination of your company’s message with yours. Strong messages and brand names entice customers to invest in you.

  1. Communicate With Your Buyers. The best platform to engage with your customers is through social media. Customers leave comments that you can actively reply to and get a conversation going. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also come with additional features such as live streaming. Through this marketing strategy, you’re putting yourself out there. In a nutshell, your communication with your consumers needs to stretch beyond sharing emails.

While you are streaming, customers can pose real-time questions and get an answer right away. Remember, time is a critical factor in conducting business. Not every customer comes with patience, and sometimes waiting for an email that may take more than three working days may be more than they can handle. Make sure your business has open communication so that your customers can choose their medium. 

  1. Retarget Old Customers. Sometimes you may get customers who explore your website but don’t make a purchase. It would help if you gave them an invitation to come back again. It will help if you channel your creativity by studying their consumer data and checking their demographics. It would also help when you reach out to them primarily through targeted ads. You can bundle an item they were bundling with an item they were surveying. Through this method, you want your customer to know not only do you acknowledge them, but you know what they like. 
  1. Hand Out Freebies. This is an overall strategy. When a new business starts or when a new product hits the market, free samples are the first to go out. It is an excellent way to create brand awareness and inform your consumers of what your company specializes in. A free sample can be anything from a free monthly trial or a goody bag. It is also a simple trick of conditioning your consumers to get used to your logo. 

When you give items such as pens, diaries, and water bottles, you know they can use them every day and witness your products’ quality. You are not just promoting yourself in a gradual process. You may even end up getting new clients on board. It would help if you make sure the free samples have some quality in them, and so you may need to lay down some money to produce them.

  1. Feature in Guest Blogs. It is another form of collaboration but is a short-term strategy than a long-term one. It may even be shorter than collaborating with another brand. Working with bloggers is all about working on your digital presence. When you star in a guest blog, especially those bloggers with a high viewership rate, you also allow yourself exposure in more than one way. Consumers will not be the only ones to notice you.

The search engine will also look at you. Since featuring gives you a backlink and SEO likes a good backlink profile. You can discuss what you want to discuss with the guest blogger on their blog and how it would benefit you and them mutually. Getting organic traffic is a fast way to market yourself as you’re letting the search engine ranking help you get popular. 

  1. Optimize Your Website. Think of your website as your voucher. There is a minimal personal connection with your users. Mostly, what your users know about you is under your ‘about me section. Your website does the talking for you. A clear, concise, and organized website shows your customers how dedicated you are to your work. 

When you are regular at updating and letting your consumers know what your company is doing, they’ll feel happy to be in the loop. Conduct a site audit and make sure you have one dominant URL and all duplicates have a canonical tag. Ensure the website loads fast and all images have a text file so that the search engine can pick it up.

Wrap Up

Today’s consumers are fast on their feet and want to see immediate results and changes in your marketing strategy. Invest in making creative campaigns and making top-notch free samples. Collaborate with other businesses, get them on board with your business idea, and help them elevate in their business standing. Please communicate with your buyers and retarget consumers to entice them to come back. Don’t forget other forms of collaboration, such as starring in a guest blog. Finally, make sure the pinnacle of your marketing strategy has a technical and professional website.