7 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need a Website of Their Own

People these days utilize the internet to search for a product, search for news, and search for real estate for sale.

You probably are a real estate agent looking for innovative ways to reach your clients so that you can sell them houses and condos. One of the most effective ways to reach your clients is to have your own website.

Many people that are searching for property these days look on the internet and then click on the first realtor website that comes up in search results.  Then, they pick what is right for them and contact the agent to organize a viewing.

1. To Build Awareness

Here’s the reality ‒ more and more people are searching for products and services online. The internet has become a valuable tool in the home search process. If you are a real estate agent that does not have a website or a listing yet, then you could be seriously missing out. 

According to Amazelaw, “Although most real estate agents still rely on their leads for repeat business and referrals, you must have a website to establish brand awareness. This will result in more leads for your business in the long run. The internet is such a convenient tool that will help you get in touch with your current and future clients.”

2. To Establish Their Personal Brand

You might argue that you will not need a website since your agency or broker already has one. But what happens if, in some circumstances, you leave to branch out? 

In real estate, personal branding is essential. You need to stand out from the rest of the competition. You do not want to be like the rest that has a generic-looking website. Instead, show the advantages of a prospect hiring you over other real estate agents in the market. 

The moment you create your website, you are already branding yourself online. Your website will directly reflect you, your goals, as well as your services. No matter where you go or the name of your brand is, clients should still be able to find you. 

Ideally, your real estate web design should showcase what you can bring to the table and other bits of information and services that are directly related to your field of expertise. 

Once you transform your site into a one-stop-shop, why would your clients go anywhere else? 

3. To be the Local “Go-to” Agent

Owning a website gives you the advantage to target people in particular geographical areas. If there is a particular town or area that you want to focus on, it is easy to incorporate targeted keywords to represent that specific area in your site elements.

By incorporating these specific keywords on your site, you are leveraging over your competitors who are probably targeting broader keywords. When a prospect looks over a real estate property in a specific area, there is a higher chance that they will discover you. 

Even better if your site provides the information that is specific to that area. That way, you will become a “go-to” agent. 

4. To be the “Go-to” Source of Information

Allow clients to learn more about you and the kind of services that you offer. An excellent place for a client to start to know more about you is to show them they made the right choice of choosing you to be their real estate agent. 

Include tools like home buyer tips, mortgage calculators, and important information about loan programs that will improve your website’s value. Make it feel as if it is the only place that they need to go to. 

5. To Demonstrate Industry Authority

Having your own real estate website will give you a platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise, and to position yourself as an authority in your industry. 

For instance, blogging is one of the most underutilized but more effective tools that agents can use. 

You can utilize the blog on your website to post-market reports together with your own analysis on what these numbers would mean for both buyers and sellers in real-life. You can also write about helpful tips that benefit both buyers and sellers.

6. To Make You Stand Out

Having a website that is professional and visually appealing will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors like this agent in Vancouver, Canada.

Who knows? You might be one of the few real estate agents in your niche that has a website. And for that reason, it is easier for you to stand out. 

7. Helps You Stay Up to Date

In a survey, 96 percent of Americans are using the internet to search for their prospective homes. As a realtor, you need to tap into the power of technology to help you earn more sales.

Building a strong presence online makes it easier for your existing and prospective clients to get in touch with you, and with the information that you have, any time, anywhere. 

Final Thoughts

With a lot of agents competing for a piece in the real estate market, how do you stand out when it is easy to be overlooked by prospective clients?

Well, you need to find a way on how to effectively market yourself, and having a website can help you get a steady stream of leads, which can translate to a boost in sales and commission.