A Quick Overview of the Building Regulations Process

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Are you planning to build a new house or extend an existing one? A building regulations approval is one of the main processes you might follow for a smooth construction project. The main purpose of the building regulations process is to ensure the safety of those who will use the space and the surrounding area at large. 

The process of acquiring this approval mostly depends on the laws of a state or country. But the most common step is visiting government offices for approval. To learn more, here is an overview of the building regulations process. 

What Is the Building Regulations Process?

Building regulations are a series of approvals that indicate your construction process complies with the rules set by the government. This might include standards based on the materials being used, environmental conservation, sustainable drainage and so on. 

When Is the Right Time for a Building Regulations Process?

Whether you are doing the construction by yourself or working with a company, some projects require one to follow up on the building regulations process. The laws might vary from country to country, but in most cases, they focus on newly constructed houses, extensions, or interior and exterior renovations. 

Upon receiving the building regulations application for approval, a control inspector is normally sent by the local authority to ensure all the requirements based on the regulations are followed. 

Importance of the Building Regulations Process

The government sets building regulations to ensure builders follow the safety measures that are set. This improves the safety of those who will soon occupy the space and the environment at large. Safety measures such as fire extinguishers, strong load-bearing walls, sustainable drainage, and electrical safety ensure every individual’s safety. 

Can an Architectural Firm Assist with the Regulations Process? 

Is this your first time completing a building regulations process? Well, then hiring an architectural firm such as Humphreysandsons will help in so many ways. They will guide you through the entire process and also help you to develop good designs that will ease the entire process. 

The Body in Charge of the Building Regulations Process 

In most countries and states, the body in charge of the building regulations process is the local authority or the government inspector. After issuing you the approval document, they will also visit your site on a regular basis to ensure all the processes are followed as per the regulation document. 

When to Receive the Building Regulation Certificate 

Upon the completion of the inspection visits by the inspector for the local authority, you will be awarded a building regulation certificate to show your project is up to par with the building regulation laws. This document should be kept safe since it will be used on many occasions, for example when selling your property in the future. This will show the prospective buyers that the building is safe to live in and that there will be no disturbance from the local authority. 


All newly constructed buildings should follow the building regulations process to ensure their buildings are safe for accommodation. If you are planning on a new construction project, just reference the above article to be informed about such regulations.