The Year in Review: AgentDrive’s Top 10 Posts from 2016

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time to wrap up the knowledge and experience we gained throughout 2016 and draw some conclusions about what worked well and what to master next. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we decided to look back at some of the best advice we’ve been sharing here, at AgentDrive’s blog, that was most useful for agents and that could guide them through 2017 as well. 

Let’s catch up!

1) 5 Stats Proving a Real Estate CRM Will Transform Your Sales in 2017 [New Data]

Among any other industry, real estate is showing the biggest demand for an industry-specific CRM. People are coming into sales well-informed and expect excellent customer service. They use websites, portals, social media, and online reviews to judge agents, even without talking to them in person first.

Given the benefits a real estate CRM provides, more and more realtors choose to use this system to generate new leads and manage their daily operations. The latest research from Software Advice sums up the most interesting findings of what agents most need from their CRMs and how these systems solve their biggest challenges.

2) 6 Real Estate Content Marketing Mistakes That Hinder Your Lead Generation

In today’s digital landscape, the importance of real estate content marketing can never be underestimated. Indeed, it often serves as a marketing cure-all provided you’re doing it right. After all, 70 percent of customers learn about a company through content rather than ads, and that is an exciting lead generation opportunity to capitalize on.

This post goes through the most common content marketing mistakes to avoid. At second glance, it’s really easy.

3) Retargeting for Real Estate: a Complete Guide to Bringing People Back to Your Site

retargeting for real estate

Did you know that only 2 percent of your website visitors convert on the first visit? In other words, you build a great website, fill it in with interesting content your target audience will love, and get yourself ready for an influx of leads…. only to discover your site visitors are bouncing off.

Fortunately, you can reverse the situation with retargeting. This post gives you a full overview of what retargeting is and how agents can get started with bringing people back to their COI.

4) How to Write Compelling Real Estate Listings That Evoke Trust

As a real estate agent, do you turn on extra marketing charm when writing real estate listings? Words are powerful but fail to use the right ones and your property will sit on the market for years, eventually expiring and losing its value.

Writing compelling real estate listings is one of those skills you can only get better at, provided you are familiar with all do’s and don’t’s of this undertaking. This post breaks things down into the ones that make you look smart and the ones that ruin your lead-generation efforts.

5) 10 Best Real Estate CRM Features to Boost Sales Productivity

Did you know that a real estate CRM boosts sales productivity by 41%? Real estate CRM software carries some key sales and marketing technologies for agencies of all sizes to benefit and thrive. Whether you haven’t incorporated them into your sales process yet, or use them already, you might be concerned about what your agents will actually get out of the system.

To help you out, we trotted out a list of the best real estate CRM features agents love using to get more online leads, deliver greater customer service and grow their sales reach.

6) 7 Ways Real Estate Franchise Software Builds You a Stellar Network

real estate franchise software

How can a real estate franchise manage and expand its network, while staying resourceful and profitable? A real estate franchise model is such a lucrative undertaking, but fail to organize it properly, and both parties risk losing big. So the question is how can you make everyone motivated to participate in this business relationship? And how can you make it easy to pursue common goals?

We believe the tools both parties are using are crucial to everyone’s success – and here’s where real estate franchise software comes in. This post explains how exactly everyone can benefit.

7) Real Estate Marketing 101 for Aspiring Agents: What Works Today

Just over a decade ago, being a real estate agent was a dream job for many. Agents yielded all the market power and were exclusive holders of market information. Then, all of a sudden, IDX allowed anyone to publish MLS data on their websites.

It would be an understatement to say that the Internet and IDX turned the real estate industry upside down. It simply knocked it down. The only way out is for agents to grasp all the new opportunities that popped up all of a sudden. But the question is what actually works today? Explore the answers in this post.

8) Real Estate Agent Reviews: Are You Missing Out on a Crucial Ingredient? 

A Google review can shape your business more than a Google ad. From Google to Yelp, Facebook to Twitter, people are sharing their experience of buying from you and what they say really matters.

Moreover, real estate agent reviews strongly affect your local SEO and directly impact sales. This means one of your first-priority tasks should be encouraging all of your happy customers to take a few minutes and tell others what is so great about your brokerage. Here’s how to do this the right way.

9) CRM for Real Estate Agents: 6 Ways to Fuel Local Marketing

CRM for Real Estate Agents 6 Ways to Fuel Local Marketing

More and more, the sales process for real estate agents starts in a digital world. This makes online marketing a whole new area of invaluable expertise that is well worth the time and effort to master. Even more important is an actionable local marketing strategy – and the tools you use to make it happen.

In this post, we’re taking take a look at how a CRM for real estate agents helps you create a winning local marketing strategy to catch up with leads both online and offline.

10) Email vs. Social Media: What’s the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Channel?

Time and time again, agents keep asking what’s better: email or social media? For any real estate business struggling to get found in today’s digital landscape, that’s a vital thing to know. Both channels have their pros and cons. So this leaves the question about the ultimate online marketing channel for realtors open. But if you were to discover that email is 40 times more effective in generating new leads than social media, would you start taking the social media hype more critically?

In this post, we’re comparing the most recent data that explains which real estate marketing channel is more effective: email or social media.

What’s next?

As always, you can find even more great articles just by browsing the categories on this blog. There’s going to be even more in the year ahead so stay tuned!