6 Ways Agents Can Connect With Local Communities & Reinforce Their Brands

Connect With Local Communities

How can agents connect with local communities better? How can they reinforce the positive impact of their brands and the real estate industry at large?

Every day, agents have to struggle with old pre-conceived notions people have about the real estate industry. Unfortunately, many of them are only justified.

So it only makes sense that local realtor associations must work hard to change this attitude. An actionable strategy is needed to prove that agents do make a tremendous positive impact on the life of local communities and are committed to serving the local area to the best of their abilities.

Here are some of the ideas that might help agents build trust with their communities organically.

How agents can connect with local communities

1. Contribute to a local renovation or infrastructure project

Building a new hospital wing, renovating a prominent historical building or advocating for more bike lanes are just a few examples of the local initiatives agents can support. Organizations behind these projects struggle to raise financing and are grateful for any help they can get.

If you can spare some dollars to donate – great, but if you can’t, you can show up and lend a hand with some work. Don’t be shy to ask for a mention on the project’s website or promotional materials.

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2. Join a local charity

Either by money or direct participation, your brokerage can become part of a local charity and benefit from a positive word of mouth. Posting about any such events will make a valuable contribution to your blog and showcase the local area far beyond from just a real estate market perspective. Again, it’s ok to ask for a mention in the charity’s own online media or printed materials.

3. Help with a pet adoption event

For one thing, you can actually help to organize the event. For another, you can help spread the word via your blog, social media, email and printed notices in your office and local venues. Not only can you help the lovely dogs and cats in your area find a new home, you can also benefit from the added value you get from a powerful promotion.

4. Take part and help to promote a wildlife conservation project

Another way to make a lasting contribution to the local area and win positive local press is to help with a local wildlife conservation project. This is also an excellent opportunity to launch an on-going blog series and publish updates. Plus, you can blog about the nature spots and landmarks that make your area unique.

5. Co-sponsor a restaurant event or tasting

Are there lots of nice places to eat and drink in your area? The dining scene is very competitive so restaurant owners are keen to host events that will attract more people. Contact the owners and offer to co-sponsor the tasting which would help you get a big brand exposure.

6. Take part in or sponsor a local marathon or bike race

Events like these, especially if organized for a charitable purpose, get tons of coverage in local news and are shared by local people. Consider sponsoring or taking part in the event to put your real estate brand in front of a wider audience and help a good cause.

What’s next?

Track the local events taking place in your area and take part in them. Make sure to earn yourself a mention in their promo materials but avoid aggressive promotion. Above all, commit yourself to lasting support of some local need to connect with local communities better.