Batch Driven: Optimizing Driving For Dollars

real estate agent driving car through neighborhood

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of staying ahead of the game and finding new and innovative ways to grow your business. One old-school tactic that can still be successful for many agents is “driving for dollars,” which involves physically driving around a neighborhood and looking for houses that might be in need of repair or are otherwise a good investment opportunity. During the past few years, virtual versions have become more approachable as well, but there is still value to getting out there in person.

But let’s face it, driving around and knocking on doors can be time-consuming and sometimes even intimidating. And how do you even know the best blocks and houses to explore?

That’s where Batch Driven comes in. Batch Driven is a tool specifically designed to help real estate agents and investors streamline the “driving for dollars” process, making it more efficient and organized.

Batch Driven used to be just one part of the larger Batch suite of real estate tools, which also included Batch Leads (for generating leads). However, Batch Leads and Batch Driven are now essentially merged under one license, so you can access both tools with a single subscription. This means you can use Batch Driven as it relates to Driving For Dollars, while still using Batch Leads to generate other types of leads, analyze properties, and connect with potential clients interested in those properties.

So, what exactly can Batch Driven do for you?

  • Combine the information programmatically available about homes on a particular street with what you find during your hands-on exploration
  • Get relevant details about a property before you walk up to it to knock, drop a mailer, or leave a business card
  • Keep track of all the properties you’ve visited and make notes about each one
  • Organize and filter your property leads based on highly detailed locations and other criteria
  • Map routes to drive so you can see a whole “batch” of homes that may be of interest

In addition to Batch Driven and Batch Leads, the Batch suite also includes Batch Marketing (for automating marketing efforts) and Batch Analytics (for tracking and measuring your success). They are building a solid overall lead generation platform, with some special extras related to mailers and of course as we’ve discussed, features for Driving For Dollars.

With a free trial and pricing starting at around $79 per month, Batch Driven is a valuable tool for any real estate agent looking to grow their business and find new investment opportunities. So why wait? Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for you.