Best Online Real Estate School in Utah Explains How to Succeed in their Program

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Enrolling in an online real estate school is the most convenient way to attain a license to be a real estate agent or broker in the state of Utah. A quality online program will provide you with everything you would expect from an in-person institution, such as experienced and trained instructors, but with the additional perk of a high degree of flexibility to complete the courses from the comfort of your own home or office, ultimately allowing you to pursue your dreams of selling residential and commercial real estate in the state in no time. What’s more, many online institutions have guarantees to match competitors’ pricing models, ensure that you pass the test, and even give you money back if you decide to cancel your enrollment.

Whether you’re considering applying for your real estate license or you’re looking for ways to do better in your current program, the best online real estate school recommends reviewing the following advice that they provide their students with to improve their performance and increase their chances of passing the pre-licensure test and receiving their license from the accrediting organization.

5 ways to excel in an online real estate school

1. Manage Your Time

Before applying to a program, make sure to carefully review the terms and conditions to understand the requirements and expectations. In an online real estate school program, you can expect to spend a total of 120 hours completing course materials. Of course, you’ll have an opportunity to set your own schedule and follow the class at your own pace; however, creating a schedule and sticking to it will help ensure that you’re not overwhelmed with readings and activities over the course of the program, thus allowing you to complete the class in a reasonable amount of time while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 

2. Set Up a Workspace

If you haven’t worked or studied remotely before, you should set up a personal workspace free of distractions so that you can thoroughly engage with the courses provided by your online real estate school. When creating a workspace, consider purchasing a comfortable office chair and a stable desk, along with noise cancelling headphones and office supplies like highlighters and notebooks. A productive workspace will ensure that you can focus on acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the exam and receive your license. Making a commitment to setting up an online learning environment in your home or office will greatly contribute to your ability to maintain focus during the course.

3. Seek Guidance

A respectable online real estate school hires a team of professionals that not only teaches classes, but provides ongoing support to aid in the development of their students. If you ever need assistance understanding course content, don’t hesitate to contact instructors by phone, email, or video chat. As you’re taking the course, connect with your classmates, seek guidance from professionals already working in the field, and network with people in your community who may be able to offer invaluable insight about your journey to becoming a real estate professional.

4. Review Course Materials 

Between the course modules, assignments, and readings, you’ll have access to all the content you need to get your real estate license. Whenever you’ve set aside time to study and complete modules, make sure to thoroughly review these materials, especially your textbook, which will be updated to reflect the newest laws and regulations in both the state of Utah and the United States. You should also spend plenty of time completing comprehensive practice exams, which set you up to pass the final exam in the course and the pre-licensing test administered by the state—and whenever you’d like to develop a deeper understanding of the course content, dig deeper into your resources and reach out to the instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

5. Set Goals

Early in the program, you should be able to identify some concrete, tangible short-term and long-term goals that you would like to achieve upon completion of the course and after receiving your real estate license. These goals could relate to your first sale, the number of contacts to have in your network, a minimum salary or perhaps even a particular project to propose and implement in the community in which you’re serving once you’re licensed. Set your goals early and track your progress as you move towards achieving them!

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Now that you’ve learned how to succeed from the best online real estate school in Utah, find out more about what their program has to offer, including their own textbook, flexible classes, and a team of highly experienced and trained professionals ready to help you launch your new career in real estate.