Can You Still Sell Your Home During Quarantine?

For the better part of the year, the world has been faced with a lot of troubles. The outbreak of COVID-19 has completely changed the way we do things. Unfortunately, disasters tend to come when many are not prepared. Many business sectors have been affected in one way or another by the outbreak. Many countries have come up with different rules on how the citizens can remain safe and stop the rapid spread of the virus. Though many people are under self-quarantine and many major cities are under total lockdown, many people are finding ways to conduct business and other normal daily activities. This shows the capabilities of humans to adapt by finding new ways to conduct various activities while under quarantine. Many people may have been planning to sell their home for various reasons but are not sure if they can do so because of the outbreak. The good news is that you can still sell your home and do other real estate business transactions. Here is how buying and selling a home is conducted and made possible during this tough period.

Going Virtual

It is incredible what technology can do, and who knew it would come to our aid on our toughest time? Advancement in technology has brought solutions to the many problems that different businesses face. One of the significant guidelines given at the moment is social distancing. The fact that we should distance ourselves from others has made many give up hope in selling or buying a home, and this is because potential buyers need to see what you are selling.

No one in their right mind will buy something without seeing it first. Many social media apps these days allow others to virtually view other places. Many real estate companies and individuals are using these apps to let potential buyers view the house and also do an inspection. Selling a house at the moment can seem hard, but the professionals at the Homeflippers website will help you close a deal quickly. You can also record a well-documented video of your home and doing so will be crucial in selling it. 

Final Walkthroughs Are Still Happening

You indeed need to see something to believe it, and potential buyers physically viewing the place is still relevant. Many people who buy houses agree on being allowed to see the place to make sure it is in an exceptional condition. It is important to note that although people are still doing a walkthrough, safety precautions are being practiced. Anyone inspecting the house must ensure that he or she practices safe distancing and other measures. In fact, this agent in North Vancouver has been doing exactly this.


With the help of advancement in technology, deals are now being done differently compared to the past. You do not have to physically meet someone to close a deal on either buying or selling a home. With people putting their safety first at the moment, many deals are now being closed electronically. Several agents can offer assistance in closing deals electronically. 


It is necessary to always follow the government’s rules and regulations, especially in times like this. Always clean your hands, avoid touching your face, and maintain social distancing.