Content Marketing Solutions for Realtors

Realtors have a lot on their plates these days. While some stick to their routines and knock daily tasks out of the park, others take on too much and don’t get anywhere. Fortunately, content marketing platforms are keeping agents organized, enabling them to sell faster and with more precision.

Trust isn’t given, it’s earned. And earning it is every realtor’s holy grail. With content marketing gaining so much traction in virtually every industry imaginable, demonstrating your brand’s value and building strong relationships with clients are more important than ever. That’s why content needs to be the star of your show. But with so much to do in so little time, how can realtors make the most of content marketing?

Here are 3 major problems facing real estate agents today (and how the right content marketing platform can solve them).  

Problem #1: Content creation

Homebuyers are turning to the Internet to find answers. Realtors can provide them with the right content, but with so many ways to go about it, getting started isn’t as easy as it seems. Some types of content engage customers more effectively than others, for example. So what’s hot right now?   


You’ll need to create impactful visual content that homebuyers love, including interactive real estate magazines, flyers, catalogs, and guides. And to do that, you’ll also need a content marketing platform (CMP). If you’re serious about real estate, here are some key features to consider when choosing a CMP:

  • PDF uploading: upload a PDF file to your platform of choice and convert it into a customizable, interactive publication.
  • Templates: choose from hundreds of predesigned templates (for real estate magazines, catalogs, newsletters, flyers, etc.)
  • Interactivity: showcase property listings with interactive and embeddable videos, photo galleries, and virtual tours.
  • Contact and feedback forms: collect important contact information from interested buyers. Receive live feedback from clients as they view your content.
  • One-click updates: update published content in real-time.

Here’s a good example of an engaging real estate publication in action:

Problem # 2: Distribution

If you build it, they will come, right? Not quite. Creating content is only half the battle. You’ll need to put it in front of the right people at the right time, too. But even that’s getting harder to do.  Agents are extremely busy and the Internet’s oversaturated with content. Millions of realtors are vying for the attention of prospective homebuyers. Getting the best ROI requires an aggressive marketing strategy that saves you time while pushing your content onto the screens of target audiences.


With content marketing platforms, realtors can use multiple distribution tools to streamline the entire process. Some common ones include:

  • Short links: share content via short links and spread your brand through multiple channels quickly.
  • Integrated CRM system: the very best CMPs include built-in CRM systems to help realtors manage their contacts.
  • Mailing tool: conduct your own email campaigns from one platform.

Problem #3: Lead generation

Generating leads? Cold calling isn’t enough. And a door-knocking strategy can be (at times) as awkward and sleazy as it sounds. Since 90+% of all real estate transactions start online, it’s time to embrace modern technology. It’s time to try content marketing instead.


Build digital content that funnels traffic back to a primary lead generating channel (like your real estate website). Here’s how you can with a content marketing platform:

  • Customizable lead generation forms: generate high-quality leads directly from your content. Embed customizable lead gen forms in your digital magazine, for example, to attract prospects and convert them into delicious leads.
Pam Golding Properties magazine

Pam Golding Properties Magazine


Millions of people are scouring the web for real estate opportunities right now. But with technology evolving faster than our ability to adapt, many realtors won’t get the chance to connect with them. And that’s really unfortunate.

Things are shaping up, however, as content marketing platforms are galvanizing the industry once again. Take Joomag, for example. It’s the all-in-one content marketing platform trusted by more than 2000 realtors and agencies today. With it, agents can create, distribute, and track interactive content while generating more leads and reaching more homebuyers online. Every feature we’ve covered in this article is already available on Joomag’s comprehensive platform.

As a real estate professional, you need closure and content. Get both by exploring Joomag’s platform today.

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