Big Industry News: Facebook Rolls Out Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

dynamic ads for real estate

It’s official: Facebook has rolled out its new feature, Dynamic Ads for Real Estate, which is created exclusively for residential brokerages. This is its first ad product designed specifically for the real estate industry. It gives all of us a glimpse of how promising this industry is considered to be by the world’s largest social network.

The new feature was launched on August 7 and first reported by Inman News.

How do Dynamic Ads for Real Estate work?

Dynamic Ads allow agents to advertise on Facebook and Instagram directly. If people have already searched for properties on an agent’s site, they will be shown listings tailored to their interests on Facebook and Instagram too.

This is a direct retargeting campaign which brings real estate advertising to a new level.

“Real estate is an area we’re betting big on as a company,” Facebook’s real estate and financial services chief Keith Watts said. “We think it’s content that consumers want to see.”

Dynamic Ads will help agents to recapture people’s interest by showing them a personalized selection of properties they’re interested in, based on their search history and your brokerage inventory. This means that each niche will automatically see listings tailored to their particular preferences: buyers, sellers, locations, amenities, etc.

Each listing includes an address, price, availability, property type, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, for sale/rent, etc.

How to enable Dynamic ads?

In order to work, the new feature requires integration of the Facebook ad manager and the listing and search data of your brokerage.

Facebook offers a guide on how to get started. The general steps are:

1. set up a home listing catalog (all the info on listings like property type, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.);

2. define your audience;

3. build and show ads for items in your home listing catalog;

4. use Ads Insights to track campaign results;

5. identify any bugs with the Dynamic Ads Debugging Tools.

Delivering a personalized ad experience is literally an advertiser’s dream. With new Dynamic Ads for Real Estate, it looks like this becomes possible on a granular level.