Episode 2: Tailoring Unique Career Paths In Mortgage With Jeremy Potter From Stavvy

Jeremy Potter portrait

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Today we welcome Jeremy Potter, the Chief Evangelist at Stavvy, a Boston fintech company digitizing the workflow and solutions for lending, eClosing, and legal transactions, like foreclosure.  At Stavvy, Potter works on “what’s next” which includes ESG, impact, emerging tech, policy, and product innovation.

Prior to Stavvy, Potter spent over 5 years at Rocket Mortgage during which time they became America’s largest mortgage lender. Most recently as Lead Digital Product Manager with Rocket Labs, working on a variety of pilots including how to lower the barriers to homeownership and cash offer solutions.  

In his time working within Rocket Mortgage’s Capital Markets, Potter was Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation. He worked on product and policy development around mortgage, first-time home buyer affordability, emerging technology, and the real estate industry there. This included iBuyers, ESG partners, investors, and consumer advocates helping bridge the gap between existing solutions and future opportunities.

Throughout his career, Potter has served on private Boards, various Mortgage Bankers Association Committees and Task Forces, and advised start-ups. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for CATIC Financial, a title insurance company based in Connecticut, and the Board of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association (MMBA). He shares some great thoughts on building a network in this field.

As expected, Jeremy made a unique book recommendation for us: