Episode 4: Improving Life For Loan Officers With Sean Grapevine From UMortgage

Sean Grapevine picture

Sean Grapevine joins us on AgentDrive episode 4, he is a Branch Manager for UMortgage in Atlanta. Sean recruits, trains, and leads loan officers and has developed a reputation for finding better ways for loan officers to use technology and systems.

Prior to UMortgage, Sean spent time running his own mortgage brokerage, working on building a software company (for loan officer tools, of course) called LoanShout, and in car sales.

In this episode, Sean traces his career all the way back to day 1 as a loan officer and shares step-by-step how he’s built a career, network, branch, and reputation in our industry.

Sean also shares a ton of information on best practices for loan officers to boost production and on why UMortgage is growing so fast and seeing so much success.

Sean recommends some great people and content to follow:

Episode Webpage And Shownotes: https://agentdrive.com/episode-4