Why Real Estate Coaches Need Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

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While the main aim for real estate coaches is to help agents and agencies achieve massive growth and success, they need to have a good marketing channel to reach these customers.

Facebook is a great platform for reaching those customers and generating leads for their coaching, training, event registration or free consultation calls.

If you are running Facebook ads, have a proper funnel on your website, but it doesn’t get you the leads you want with a good return on ad spend, it requires a good launch that ensures a long term growth with continuous leads.

Lead generation is everything in business. Let’s look at some of the few reasons why you need a proper launch strategy of your Facebook Ad campaigns and how it can help to judge if Facebook Ads is the right platform for your industry or not.

For Continuous Lead Generation 

With Facebook Ads, you can get access to your right audience and get continuous leads, with well-structured testing. This involves testing your ad copy, creative, headlines to find what works best for getting those high-quality leads. 

As the saying goes, “Always test to see what your customers like”.

Of course, there may be other tactical ways to come up with compelling lead generation strategies for real estate coaches, but different strategies work for different industries. Knowing what works for a particular industry can definitely give real results. And this can only be achieved with a good testing method.

If it doesn’t sell after testing everything, then you need to fix your copywriting.

Great Facebook Ad copy sells itself without much effort. So make a point that even if there are two words, they should be strategically written.

Also, a well-structured website with a funnel plays an important role in helping to generate leads.

Sales Funnel

With Facebook Ads, anyone can run campaigns and make some great outstanding sales with profits. Whatever your brand and markets are, you can conveniently sell on the Facebook platform where you can reach thousands of prospective target audiences and customers.

But then, the ideal sales funnel would be required to get the most out of the platform. This is the secret to winning with Facebook Advertising.

Sometimes certain Ad campaigns may not need funnels like event ads. But they need a good compelling copy to get registrations.

Build a Personal Client Base

A good launch helps to build a database of your perfect audience which you can nurture through a good email sequence. Sometimes for a high priced service, the lead doesn’t get converted straight away. Hence it needs to be nurtured with a proper messaging strategy at different levels of the sales cycle.

Lead is an interest you get for your products and services. Once that lead comes into your system through the form on a website or landing page, that lead goes through a funnel which means it either goes through a series of emails or retargeting sequences of ads to convert that lead into a customer.

Find the Right Audience

Facebook provides a large network of audiences to reach as per the interaction with your website which is called lookalike audiences or custom audiences built through your email list and interest-based audiences that are available on the facebook backend platform. Hence once an audience is nailed down it gets very easy to scale that audience and generate a consistent flow of leads.

When you start a new ad campaign, set a broader audience at first. With greater reach comes better results. Afterward, you can narrow down the targeted audience looking upon the results and analytics.

This helps in not wasting your money on non-converting Ads.

Understanding your persona

To make the best use of Facebook Ads, the second important thing to do is…

Knowing and understanding your prospects

The most distinct feature of Facebook Ads is the ability to target the people you want.

But for targeting the right audience, you need to know who they are and understand them well. The easiest way to get this process is by making a Persona of your audience.

Increase the Click-through Rate On Ads

Click-through rate is commonly used to measure the success of any ad along with other metrics. A good campaign with good copy and message will definitely increase the click-through rate which increases the reach of the ads. 

Increasing the CTR on ads can also be done by testing different ad formats. Facebook has introduced several new and different ad formats. Like short videos with the conversion objective that tells the agents what they can achieve from the coaching has worked well to increase the CTR and also getting conversions.

Other ads such as ‘Lead Ads’ help capture your leads within Facebook.

Experimenting with new ad formats for a targeted audience can lead to higher engagement that ultimately leads to more conversions and a better click-through rate.

Get a Low Cost Per Lead

Facebook prefers ads with good engagement. Hence if the campaigns with a good funnel are launched well it will also decrease the cost per lead as the launch will determine the best ad with the lowest cost.

A well-articulated written value proposition that resonates with the target market will bring real estate coaches success over the long term. Many coaches would like to think that their value proposition is good enough to compel users to become interested in their coaching, but most of them get it wrong without a proper launch and find the money going down the drain with a higher cost per lead and improper strategies to bring it down.

Lastly, to have a good conversion rate after reaching maximum reach and engagement with the winning ad, conversion campaigns are important. By initiating a conversion campaign, you can get an increased number of leads at a lower cost for the ads with maximum engagement.

Conversion campaigns come with several objectives, such as increased sales, booking calls, and getting webinars, training and event registrations.

With Facebook ads, real estate coaches have vast selling potentials to hit goals, however, it won’t be successful without the right sales funnel. So if you have the right sales funnel but don’t know what makes the best facebook ad campaign, the above ideas will help.