Four Places in New Jersey with Affordable Rooms for Rent to Help You Save Money!

New Jersey is a northeastern state of the USA with some 130 miles of Atlantic Coast. The state shares its borders with New York City and Philadelphia. It makes the city more expensive than average as most of the towns are suburbs to NYC and Philadelphia. Also, the taxes are highest in the USA and hence the ownership of the property. The rental is more expensive than most cities in the US. The average rent is approx 1.9 thousand USD. The city’s public transportation network has three light rails systems, eleven commuter rail lines, and a statewide bus system. It makes New Jersey much more convenient to move in.

Public transportation-the ultimate money saver in NJ!! Image Source: Google Images

Looking up rooms for rent can be expensive as everything comes with a price. We sorted out four affordable places to look up rooms for rent in New Jersey.

  1. Ocean City
  2. Cape May County
  3. Cumberland County
  4. Warren County
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Here are four places with affordable rooms for rent in New Jersey.

  • Ocean City

Ocean City is on New Jersey’s coastal Jersey Shore. Famous for its string of beaches and boardwalk way lined with vendors and restaurants. Ocean City is not the safest of all New Jersey neighborhoods, but the estimated monthly rent is as low as 900 USD.

Ocean City is a dry town. There is no sale of alcohol within the borders, and alcohol consumption in public places is illegal.

One may wish to choose Ocean City if they aren’t a big fan of alcohol.

  • Cape May County

Cape May County is the southernmost in New Jersey.

With an estimated monthly rent of 930 USD, the city is extremely safe. Due to the concentration of Victorian Buildings, Cape May is a National Historic Landmark.

Also, Cape May is an excellent place in summers, and winters can be challenging. The area offers you great restaurants and theaters for eight months of summer.

Cape May is affordable and fun and is indeed one of the best places to look up rooms for rent in New Jersey.

  • Cumberland County

Cumberland also is known as the ‘Oyster Capital of the World.’

With an extremely low monthly rent estimation of 870 USD, Cumberland comprises three cities: Portland, South Portland, and Westbrook and 25 towns as well.

You may want to explore all the possible options while looking up rooms in New Jersey as each neighborhood is different in the right way.

  • Warren County

Warren County has an estimated monthly rent of a thousand USD and is the safest neighborhood of all. The rent is worth it.

Warren County is one of the best places to look up rooms for rent in New Jersey.

Some of the affordable neighborhoods include Marlton and Madison Park.

New Jersey is indeed the city with the highest taxes and hence the higher rentals. Looking up rooms for rent can be difficult as there are many neighborhoods to explore. It is best to sort and shortlist the best suited before looking up rooms for rent in New Jersey.

If you are planning to look for a job in NYC, renting a room in New Jersey is better as the rentals are cheaper in New Jersey or the suburbs of New York City.

You can always look up for tricks to save your money while moving or looking up rooms for rent.

Some of the tricks are:

  1. Balance your needs and wants
  2. Look for unfurnished places and rent furniture instead of buying.
  3. Sign up for a long term lease
  4. Use trusted platforms while looking up rooms for rent
  5. Look for places near to public transportation
  6. Avoid moving in with your car.
  7. Avoid middlemen
  8. Look in neighborhoods closer to your workplace

We hope you find this guide useful. You can always look up rooms for rent online, however, beware of the conmen, and use trusted platforms that showcase genuine listings.