Generate Real Estate Leads Online – 30 Action Points [Checklist]

generate real estate leads online

Real estate professionals work long hours to get things done. But given how advanced this market and customers have become, not all activities work equally well. So here’s a recap of all the things you need to do to generate real estate leads online. 

Today, real estate sales, marketing and advertising are shaped by digital channels. So it’s certainly a good time to revise what your agents spend their time and budget on.

30 things to do right now to grow your COI and generate real estate leads online

Real estate marketing

1. Build a beautiful, compelling, and user-friendly real estate website.

2. Do a detailed keyword research to understand how your audience searches for real estate information online. Location-based keywords are particularly important. You can browse through this site to find help in keyword searches.

3. Optimize your real estate website for local SEO based on the keywords you uncovered earlier. Remember that each page, post and property you add must have unique SEO associated with it.

4. Make sure your NAP (name, address and phone number) is correct and consistent everywhere you mention it online.

5. Start a real estate blog and keep it updated.

6. Create a Google My Business profile.

7. Create social media profiles on major sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

8. Launch an ongoing email marketing campaign. To reinforce the results, consider using direct mail as well.

9. Start collecting and promoting real estate agent reviews.

10. Build local backlinks to your site to start showing up higher in search.

11. Create neighborhood pages and guides.

12. Write powerful listing copies to evoke trust, trigger curiosity and generate real estate leads online faster.

real estate seo title tags

Real estate advertising

13. Create a meaningful strapline and logo that describes your brokerage and appear on your adverts.

14. Launch an online ad campaign. Start with Facebook as it allows for even the smallest budget and offers great targeting options. Google AdWords and retargeting campaigns are another options to consider.

15. Print advertising might still work, especially if you market luxury real estate. Find out the best print publications in your area and the advertising costs and reach they provide.

16. Host and promote open houses which, despite many objections, still work, especially in a seller’s market.

17. Create lots of real estate flyers and distribute them across the most popular venues in your area.

18. Partner up with a lender, mortgage broker, developer, renovator or designer to generate real estate leads online and offline.

19. Take part in or sponsor a local event.

20. Create and publish a promotional video describing your services, local area or market.

Real estate lead conversion & sales

21. Get a real estate CRM to organize things, stay connected with clients and report on activities. Make sure your CRM integrates with your website so that you can add new leads to your database automatically.

22. Set up email drip campaigns and newsletter campaign. You can also use email address search tools to grow your email list.

23. Hone your real estate listing presentation skills.

24. Improve your lead response times. To state the obvious, the quicker you respond, the higher the odds your lead will sign up.

25. Develop a system for earning referrals. Here’s a great guide on how to make this process ongoing.

26. Put a follow-up strategy in place. Here’s some helpful information:

27. Try this 1-week real estate lead conversion plan that is proved to work by top-producing agents.

28. Use these techniques to accelerate your real estate sales cycle.

29. Master sales techniques to prospect via email better.

30. Effectively target your niche via your website and reach out with the right messages.