Growing You Instagram Account Organically: Tips to follow

When you are typing something in Google, you will come across a number of results on the screen. The websites, which are shown on the top, are not there by chance. Those websites are making use of certain tips and tricks in order to be among the first 10 results of Google. Basically, they are making use of search engine optimization. It is true that it is going to sound complicated, but it is actually extremely simple. The good thing is that you have the option of optimizing your Instagram account as well. There are certain tricks, which can be used on Instagram for people to discover your Instagram account and also on Google.

Below is a list of tips and tricks that you can use for growing your Instagram followers and account in an organic manner.

Optimize your Instagram username

Most people do not know that the words in their Instagram username can be searched for. Your username is responsible for acting like a keyword. You have to add your specialty or passion within your Instagram username. You have to think about the name that people are commonly going to search for if they are interested in finding a similar Instagram account like yours. You can also use the name of the business as the username. Just ensure that people can easily discover you without any hassle.

Optimize your Instagram name

You need to know that your Instagram name is also searchable on this visual platform. Each word in the name is responsible for acting as an important keyword. Your name is going to be displayed in bold in the Instagram bio. It is a good idea to make use of important keywords, which are related to your brand or business. Ensure that you writing something, which present as well as potential customers are going to use for finding your account. You can get more followers for Instagram by visiting certain reputed websites.

Optimize your photos

There is no denying the fact that Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, it is obvious that the growth of your Instagram account is going to come from the photos that you post. You need to know that more than 50 billion photos have been shared on Instagram till date, as stated by omnicoreagency. Whatever you are posting, needs to be clear. Whether it is a face, a dog, a quote, a beautiful landscape, or a house, it has to be clear. You have to ensure that your photos are not only clean but are of good quality. Try to be as creative as possible and ensure that your followers can easily understand the main subject behind each and every photo.

Using hashtags as keywords

Hashtags are basically keywords which people can use for searching you on Instagram. You can use 30 hashtags for each post but it is crucial that you use them wisely. Ensure that your hashtags are capable of describing your photos, mention your location and they should be related to the hashtags that your potential customers use.

Conclusion Ensure that you are taking care of all the tips and tricks that have been mentioned above. Once you start implementing all these, you will be able to see your Instagram account growing in an organic manner.