How Can a Delivery Management Software Add Value to Property?

Delivery management software has become an essential tool in this day and age. It took less than a decade for U.S parcel shipping volumes to triple in number. In 2019, 103 billion parcels were delivered and according to the market over 260 billion parcels are expected to be delivered in 2026.

With millions of deliveries happening everywhere, there is a dire need for companies to have an organized mailroom in place. Delivery management software helps achieve that and more.

What Is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software is a tool to manage logistics while executing delivery-related activities. It is used to manage, route, plan and optimize deliveries. Furthermore, it offers a single platform that connects everyone involved in the life cycle of a delivery for better communication.

The Benefits of Delivery Management Software.

The software comes with tones of benefits that add value to your property and small businesses:

1. Increased Efficiency and Workflow Automation

Some retailers are still using manual processes to manage their deliveries, leaving a lot of room for error. An efficient delivery management software cuts down the need for manual entries and automates the entire workflow, increasing efficiency and minimizing errors.

2. Route Optimization and Easy Communication with Fleet

With efficient software in place, businesses can keep constant contact with their delivery boys. When the parcel is delivered, the system records delays in scheduled deliveries and updates status. Excellent route optimization in light of traffic and rider availability is also one of the benefits.

3. Better Customer Communication

The software allows for better communication with customers by sending them instant notifications about the whereabouts of the parcel throughout the delivery life cycle. It also asks customers for their feedback regarding the deliveries and makes sure to keep them in the loop.

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

When customers know where their package is at all times, it becomes easier for them to retrieve it. Consumer demand for quick deliveries is steadily growing. With optimized routes, automated workflows, and good communication, companies can ensure speedy deliveries which in turn help retain customers.

5. Organization in Apartment Buildings

Through the help of package management apps, residents can be notified about their deliveries promptly. For better recordkeeping, digitization of package documentation is done. Moreover, It is also a more cost-effective option as compared to lockers.

How Does the Software Make Package Delivery Process Smooth In Mailroom?

Delivery management software like PackageX Mailroom strives to make the delivery process smooth. In addition, it comes with excellent features that ensures customers get their parcels on time and in the perfect condition such as:

  • Offering a completely contactless pickup option to follow the SOPs after the pandemic.
  • Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to efficiently and quickly scan labels.
  • Providing customers with live location, history, and updates throughout the delivery cycle.
  • Helping customers successfully retrieve their package by giving them reminders and helping them schedule pickup in advance.
  • Generating real-time instant push notifications for all incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Protection of Packages in Mailroom – Security Enhancement

Package protection is a major concern for most online shoppers. After the pandemic, 1 in 5 Americans fell victim to porch pirates and around 54% of Americans have had their packages stolen at start of Covid19.

Therefore, package security is now more important than ever. PackageX Mailroom provides robust features to enhance security. An e-signature or proof of delivery is collected after every delivery to ensure the package reaches its rightful recipient.

To keep the customers well aware of their package location, constant updates are provided to them at all times which makes it easier for them to pick up deliveries quickly without leaving it on the porch for a long time.

Customers can request for the carrier to hold their package and schedule pick up on their own time, and if the package is lost they can track their parcel from the last known location. All these features help enhance package security.

Why Residents Prefer Buildings with Secured Mailrooms?

Statistics show that roughly 40% of all package theft incidents occur in multifamily communities and apartment buildings. A large influx of deliveries makes apartments flooded. Resultantly, there are a lot of unattended packages in hallways, entryways, and mailrooms.

These unattended packages are a perfect target for package theft. This is the reason why residents prefer buildings with secured mailrooms. Building mailrooms can become efficient with the right tools. The use of right technology can help in decluttering of Mailrooms and security of deliveries.

This is why having the right delivery management software is important as it increases your property value. It explains why real estate agents often use tech to close deals!