How Influencer Marketing Can Help Real Estate Brands

Real estate brands have a lot to benefit from adopting a solid social media marketing strategy. This is why real estate influencer marketing is so important.

A whopping 84 percent of real estate marketers are now using social media, and any brand that is not doing so will have trouble keeping up with the competition.

In fact, real estate marketers have more Facebook accounts than other small business marketers.

However, they are lagging behind when it comes to other social media platforms. This is a shame, as platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for the real estate industry.

In particular, influencer marketing is a great way for real estate brands to reach new people and attract new leads.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves paying social media “influencers” to promote your product or service. These influencers are social media users who operate in your niche and have amassed a sizable follower base.

In this article, we’ll see how you can use influencer marketing to promote your real estate brand.

Understand Your Goals

Before you get into influencer marketing, it is crucial to define your goals. What do you want to accomplish with influencer marketing?

For example, you may want to pay influencers to promote your own social media channels. This is a great way to get more likes on your Facebook page or more followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, or Twitter.

Another option is getting influencers to promote your website. You can even get influencers to promote your individual listings.

Knowing what your goals are will help you choose the right influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Source – Media Kix

1. Increase Your ROI

Using influencer marketing is a great way to improve your ROI.

89 percent of marketers across all industries said that their ROI from influencer marketing was equivalent to or better than their ROI from other channels.

If that doesn’t convince you, look at this statistic from Burst Media’s research: On average, brands with an influencer marketing program received $6.85 in earned media value for every $1 that they spent.

2. Reach the Right People With the Right Influencers

It is important to choose the right influencers to promote your real estate business.

If an influencer has a large following but their followers are not in your target audience, they will not be interested in your service and your influencer marketing campaigns will not produce satisfactory results.

Let’s have a look at some kinds of influencers you might want to work with.

3. Influencers With a Local Following

Reaching people who live in the location(s) that you operate in is crucial. Location-based marketing is especially important if you are using influencers to promote a specific listing.

That’s why it is so important to get influencers who are known in the community and who have a sizable audience in the right area.

At the same time, you want to make sure that their promotions are relevant.

In other words, they should be able to cast their promotions of your service or listings in such a way that makes them relevant to the kind of content they usually produce.

4. Micro-Influencers

“Micro-influencers” is a term used to refer to influencers who are not necessarily celebrities or public figures with extremely large followings. However, they do have a follower base that is still significant.

Working with micro-influencers can have a number of benefits.

First of all, they usually charge less, which can help if you have a small budget; not every real estate brand will be able to work with famous celebrities.

In fact, 84 percent of micro-influencers charge less than $250 for a sponsored post, and another 13 percent charge less than $500.

In addition, micro-influencers often have a more targeted audience with more defined interests. Their follower base might be more interested in what they have to say as well.

5. Real Estate Agents

Your real estate agents can be influencers in their own right.

If they do not already have a sizable following, they can work to build up their social media profiles until they have a sizable audience of the right demographics.

Give Virtual Tours

Social media, in general, is a great way to provide virtual tours of your properties. With influencer marketing, you can reach new people who might be interested in your properties.

You can even get an influencer to come and take a recorded tour of the home, where they can point out the things they like. This can help build credibility.

Build Trust and Authority

Being able to build trust, authority, and credibility is one of the top benefits of working with influencers.

Whether you are trying to attract a social media following of your own or you are promoting your listings, you can “piggyback” on the credibility that influencers already have and gain credibility for your own brand.

Get Backlinks

Getting links to your site or blog is another benefit that comes with influencer marketing.

Working with influencers that have blogs and are willing to promote your site or social media platforms on their blogs is a great way to get backlinks.

Backlinks don’t just bring traffic to your site; they are also great for SEO.

However, links to your site that influencers post on their social media profiles and status updates can also boost your site’s SEO rankings.

Be Seen On the Right Platforms

You can work with different influencers who operate on different social media networks.

For example, you can work with Facebook and Twitter influencers to post news updates, promotions, and promote your blog.

You can work with Instagram and Pinterest influencers to post pictures of your listings or give short virtual tours of your properties (Youtube is good for this as well).

Source – Media Kix

Go Viral

One of the benefits of influencer marketing is the possibility of going viral. Going viral is when your content gets shared over and over on social media; people share it with their friends, who share it with their own friends, and so on.

Influencer marketing puts your content in front of a much larger audience, making it more likely to go viral.

In addition, people who are fans of the influencers you are working with may be more likely to share their content.

Wrapping It Up

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing online marketing trends. It won’t break the bank and can help you widen your audience and get more leads and sales.

65 percent of influencer marketing budgets will increase in 2019.

If you aren’t already using influencers for your real estate business, now is the time to start.