How To Effectively Market Your Property With Facebook Groups


Selling a property can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Nowadays, unless you leverage highly effective tools like social media, getting a good deal on your property can be daunting. One social media tool that has helped make marketing and selling of property effortless is Facebook.

There are many marketing options on this social platform, but the use of Facebook groups is the most popular. Whether you want to sell land, your car, or home, you will meet the right audience in this platform and depending on your marketing strategies, you can quickly secure a good deal for your property. To help make the process even simpler, I have compiled valuable tips that you should be using when marketing your property with Facebook groups. Let’s jump directly into exploring them.

Make sure you are in the right Facebook groups

Despite how effective your property marketing strategy may be, it will not be successful if you are not in the right Facebook groups. Keep in mind that everybody can create a Facebook group and hence not all are marketing oriented. Also, even if it is a marketing group, it does not necessarily mean that it is appropriate to use when advertising your property.So, what Facebook groups should you choose? First, you need a Facebook group that is used to market property similar to yours or at least one that makes sense for your sale. For example, it is possible to find a good buyer for land in a Facebook group that sells homes. Also, you need to choose a Facebook group that hosts people near your locality. This ensures that any time you are making quotes, the audience can relate and that the offline sale process is easier for you and the buyer.

A Facebook group with a large pool of users is also preferable for marketing needs. Again, you need to check the people’s intentions in the group as some may be there just for fun. Take some time to observe what people are posting and how people comment to make sure that you are in the right Facebook group.

Once you choose several groups that will suit your marketing needs, you can proceed to tune your advertisement for best results with the following tips:

Utilize a video marketing strategy

In marketing, visual elements are highly efficient in attracting an audience and eventually turning it into customers. Video is one of the crucial visual elements in social media marketing. With a video, you can easily win the confidence and trust of many investors or customers in a Facebook group as it gives a clear perspective of what you are selling.

It is not just about posting any video you record of your property. Here, you have to post a video covering all the selling points of your property in a short time. A 360 video is an excellent option if you want to capture all aspects of your property that you think potential customers need to know. Besides using videos to set out your property in a Facebook group, you can use them to answer questions arising from your posts, especially those that need a demonstration.

Share good photos

Using pictures is the other way to make your posts virtually attractive. If you scroll through a particular Facebook group, you would agree with me that there are those posts that will always catch your attention. You can actually get more likes and sales-oriented comments when you post good photos of your property, even if it is not in its best condition. Consider the following to enhance your photo ads:

o Use high-resolution images- Regardless of what Facebook recommends about the size of photos you can post, the pictures must be of high quality and clear to the members.

o Be consistent- If you want to advertise more than one property, you need to adopt a theme that you will be using for all your posts. This may be in the form of the kind of photos you post or the details you include in a single post or video.

o Use less text- If you want the audience’s focus to be on the photos you post, you should minimize the descriptive text. Only use text to include crucial information like price and location for your photo posts.

Although you can do pretty good selling your property with these three tricks, here are more tips to enhance your Facebook group property marketing strategy.

Post regularly

While this may seem like a less significant factor, many advertisers who fail to post their property frequently are unlikely to effectively reach and convince potential customers. Having regular posts does not mean that you keep sharing the same content in all your post. In fact, if you post similar photos or videos severally, the members in the group may ignore all your other posts regardless of how informative they are. Just be creative in the content you include in each post, provided it is relevant to your property.

Invest in private messages

When you post photos or videos of your property, you will always receive comments from several group members. To enquire more and evaluate whether the buyers are serious, you should send direct replies to their inbox. Here, you will even have a look at what they have been up to recently from their posts to ensure that you are not wasting your time with idling members.

Update your information regularly

Even if this is the first time you are selling property, you must be aware that a property’s value can change even in a day. Consider the case of a car. If one of the components, like the braking system fails after you had already posted its condition and price in a group, you would need to update the information immediately to address any buyer who had found interest in this item. If the property’s value is significantly affected, you should delete the post and start afresh, creating new content for an updated post.

The bottom line

Facebook being the number one marketing platform in the property industry, it has attracted a large pool of audience and essential tools that you can use to make a good sale. Things even get better when you use Facebook groups as a marketing tool, considering that here you will find investors and sellers with common needs. If you use these tricks on your Facebook property ads, you can be assured that you will get a pool of potential customers who will be willing to buy your property at a reasonable price.