Increase Home Value With a Refinished Deck

house with refinished deck

When it comes to selling a house it can be quite complicated to get back the original price you’ve paid for it, but there are some ways of restoring and improving it in a way you won’t spend that much, while raising its price. Something that always catches the buyer’s attention is its appearance. The first impression is the most important one and it’s what will make a possible buyer go in, or not. Things like keeping a freshly-cut garden, a good paint job, and even a pretty door are good examples of what to do, but for homeowners, there’s no better selling point than a great looking deck, and that’s what I’m here to talk about today. Now, it’s important to have in mind that renovations can be cheaper, only when choosing the right products, so you don’t end up losing money.

Refinish Your Deck

A deck can be extremely attractive and with amazing possibilities, but it can also be a deal-breaker for buyer’s if not well taken care off. A perfect outdoor space might just be the answer to make your house value go up. While selling a house this can be a focal point and appeal to lots of future clients, but for this to happen, it needs to be impeccable. There are a few ways to perfect your deck and make it look brand new, without changing it and spending too much.

Spotless Is the Way to Go

Sometimes the answer is on the simplest things. Something might seem broken at first sight, but maybe it’s only dirty, or abandoned, which makes turning it into a brand new deck more easy and cheaper. Any space needs its proper cleaning, and a deck should have its own, at least, once every two months. If you’ve been following that rule, then a simple cleaning with an adequate product will do the job, otherwise, it might take more than that and the wood can be in a worse condition. Although, be careful when cleaning the deck, and depending on the state of the wood, use the adequate products, but remember that if a more powerful pressure-washer is used wrongly, it can damage the wood even more.

Get Your Tools!

At first, it might look like the wood is in good shape, but take time to really inspect your deck because there might be hidden flaws, invisible to the naked eye, which can later bring more consequences. Being an outside space, it’s constantly exposed to the different types of weather, and this takes a major effect on the wood, like screws getting rusty, or the wood weakening. With the right tools, it can be pretty easy to repair, but make sure you are not losing money! Also, always try to save wood, instead of replacing it, as it can be cheaper and maintain a more vintage and rustic look.

A Smooth Sanding

Do you really want to give new life to your deck? The best way for a fresh start is to sand it, in case your wood is damaged or with a worn out paint job. To make your job easier, a sander for decks might be the best option for you, as it is efficient and easy-to-use, while a sandpaper will give you more work and leave remains of dust in the wood. Once you’ve finished sanding the deck, be sure to also vacuum the remains so it doesn’t stay in the finished product. Trust me, your deck will look like a whole new space and the envy of all your neighbors.

The Grand Finale

One of the biggest steps of the refinishing process is to choose the right stain for your wood. This is important because it can not only give it a protective layer against sun and rain damage, but it can also give the wood a different, fresher color. Choosing a stain usually goes according to the person’s preference, as the market for these products is huge and full of options, but I would recommend oil-based stains, as they are more resistant than water-based ones. You can also choose a stain with color or a transparent, even though your deck will look great either way.

Ready to Sell

Refinishing your deck can be a hardworking process, but it’s a guaranteed success. Your house will have a brand new life with this renewed outdoor space and it will definitely increase its overall value, maybe even reaching its original price. Even though it might take some work, it can be made with a low budget and still end up with great quality. Hopefully, these tips were useful for you and I’m sure your deck will be the best eye catching one in the whole neighborhood.