Increasing Real Estate Buyers Through Social Media Marketing

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In today’s age, you can find anything and everything on the Internet. With just one click, you’re directed to hundreds and thousands of websites that match your search. Everyone knows what social media is, and almost everyone is on social media. It’s a big part of everyone’s lives, especially today. With social media, you can contact people from all over the world, look for a variety of web results that match your search, have access to millions of websites, and so much more. Not only that but one way of increasing real estate buyers is through the use of social media.

Real estate businesses, on the other hand, continue to grow and develop over time. More and more people are willing to invest in real estate homes. However, as real estate businesses grow and develop, so shall its goals and strategies. Relating it to social media, more real estate businesses today have already started utilizing or maximizing the use of social media. Since almost everyone is on social media, so should you be.

Know the Latest Trends Online

Making the big switch from traditional, manual marketing to online marketing requires you to know at least something about the latest trends online. Make sure to read and research about what’s the most recent topics or trends with regards to both social media and real estate.

Knowing the latest trends online can significantly help in gaining more potential clients. Since everything is on the Internet nowadays, it wouldn’t be hard for these people to find you and the products and services you offer since you follow the latest trends. As for real estate specifically, check out these digital trends that will keep you adjusting your strategies periodically.

Reviews and Referrals

Being in the real estate industry means you also need to have a website of your own so that people will have an initial idea about your company and the properties you’re selling. However, having a website is never enough if you don’t add a “reviews” section. This section allows clients to post their personal experiences and feedback about your company, your properties, and the services you have provided for them. This is a great way to build your local credibility.

Most of the time, potential buyers base half of their decisions when they see reviews online. Reviews are a significant part of social media marketing. A lot of people typically would want to hear about other people’s criticism and experiences first before buying a particular product. Through this, they can affirm or attest to whether or not these products and services are worth the investment.

Also, referrals can significantly help you with your social media marketing. Referrals usually emerge from satisfied clients. Just like a reviews section on your website, satisfied clients tell their family and friends about your company and how well you processed the whole transaction; therefore, you gain more potential buyers.

Use Videos

Today, everyone lives in a media-driven culture. Your job is to reach as many potential buyers as possible, and lately, videos are making a comeback. Almost everyone watches YouTube videos about all sorts of things, so why not build and promote your own channel.

However, you also live in a 4-8 second world. How do you make an impact and become effective within 8 seconds? If there’s a need for it, hire professional videographers to help you out in producing quality video content that you think most people will surely love. Other than that, your 8-second to 1-minute video should leave a mark on your audience. In a span of 1 minute, how do you reach and convince them to invest in a property on your company? Although your video should be short, the message you’re trying to convey or products you’re trying to sell should instantly convince your audience. Be competent and efficient. Out of all the real estate videos people could see, how will you make yours stand out?

Learn and Use Real Estate Hashtags

Typically, hashtags are known to be useful when you want to increase social media traffic or likes. However, there’s more to hashtags than just increasing likes on your social media posts.

Hashtags are known to be a way for other people to discover your account, your post, your website, or a specific product or service that you offer and post on social media. Not only that, but this is one medium in allowing your potential buyers to find your brand online and stand out from the many other brands you’re competing with.

Hashtags come in different types. In a real estate agent’s case, three types. First, a generic real estate hashtag, which is a collection of general real estate terms. Second, a real estate agent hashtag, which compromises of words related and connected to a real estate agent and what you do, and third, a customized real estate hashtag which consists of customized and specific words that reach your target market, audience, or neighborhood. For example, you have lots for sale in Tagaytay Highlands Philippines and you want to specifically label your hashtag as such. You can customize this according to your preference (see examples below).

Generic Real Estate Hashtags

#realestate #broker #forsale #homesale #househunting #housing #property #mortgage #homesforsale

Real Estate Agent Hashtags

#realestateagent #realestatebroker #realestateinvestment #propertyforsale #realtor #realtoroffice

Customized Real Estate Hashtags

#[TargetMarket]   #[RealEstateName] #[TargetCity] #LotsForSaleInTagaytayHighlandsPhilippines #TagaytayHighlandsRealEstate

Post 360 Photos and Videos

Facebook now has this feature wherein you can post panoramic views, whether photos or videos. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to let potential buyers see, experience, or at least check how a particular property looks like.

Posting 360 photos and videos of properties you sell online can significantly help you attract clients. It’s very appealing, especially to millennials and now that everyone wants everything in just one click.

Optimize a Facebook Messenger Bot

You’re probably aware of chatbots, especially on Facebook Messenger. These chatbots may seem quite annoying, but for a potential buyer, this is very helpful.

Chatbots are made to help assist clients and answer their queries. In real estate businesses, countless emails, inquiries, and concerns bombard you every day. That’s why it’s beneficial to optimize a chatbot; to help you and your team organize all questions that come in and address client concerns without a sweat.

Add Real Estate Quotes in Your Content

Who doesn’t need a good laugh once in a while? One of the hardest things to do as a real estate agent or writer is to come up with good content; therefore, you can always add a little bit of humor when trying to make content and reaching your audience.

If done correctly, it establishes an image and builds trust between you and your reader. Also, it’s a great way of improving your overall content and marketing strategies.

Wrapping Up

Social media’s influence on the real estate market has made a really significant impact. Today, social media is not only used for connecting with people but also for marketing your brand. Through this, a variety of businesses continue to use social media as a medium in increasing audience and clients. However, in a world where everyone wants everything in an instant and within a matter of seconds, how would you make an impact? How will your pitch stand out from the rest?