Instagram Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

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Real estate and social media have been an undertoned relationship that has not been in many highlights. But now with social media being the primary platform for communication and promotion, even real estate has identified it as an opportunity to exploit the benefits.

Almost all of the millennials looking to invest in real estate conduct thorough research over the digital spectrum. People explore various hashtags, keywords, and profiles related to real estate on social media. 

Real estate marketers have resorted to social media to nurture the interests of the people who are searching for real estate and relevant areas. As social media presents a big opportunity for attracting, engaging, and converting customers.

There are various social media platforms at the disposal for marketers but we will discuss why Instagram should be a part of a real estate marketing strategy.

Instagram & Real estate

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion active monthly users and over 500 million daily users with over 83% of the users stating to researching for products and services. 

Instagram is mainly a visually aesthetic platform pinned with keywords and hashtags for making the piece of content easily discoverable and reach amplification. 

In real estate, positive word-of-mouth and trust are extremely crucial for any business to be successful. And Instagram presents an opportunity to grow followers, showcase attractive visuals, spread awareness, promote listings, and build social proof. The key elements here are a visual aid and social proof.

With the presence of a vast audience and productive marketing opportunities, Instagram is a great marketing tool for real estate marketers. We have put together the following points to create an Instagram marketing strategy for any real estate business.

1. Hashtag Creation

Hashtags make it easier for your audience to find you on Instagram. If you have content, relevant hashtags for your post will help you in attracting your audience.

You can create your own specific hashtag for your real estate business. This makes it easier for people to find you and creates more exposure for your business with every mention.

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You can create a combination of generic hashtags relevant to real estate and accompanying that could be your custom hashtags. Hashtags are a necessary element as they enhance discoverability and will result in garnering a fresh untapped audience to your business.

2. Embed Instagram Feed on your Website

Embedding an Instagram feed on your real estate website is a great way to drive engagement and conversions from social media to your business. Social media aggregation tool allows you to create a social feed on your website.

Embedding an Instagram feed on your website makes it more engaging, interactive, visually aesthetic, and personalized for the audience to have a superior browsing experience with easy navigation and delightful visuals. 

embed Instagram feed on website

Social aggregation tools further will allow you to customize the feed to make it more interactive and relevant to the theme of your business/website. The moderation panel will let you filter the best content to display and remove profane, non-relevant content. 

Harnessing the power of visuals from Instagram will build a link between social media and your business leading to expanded reach, awareness, engagement, and amplified conversions.

3. Harness Quality User-generated Content

Instagram is a great platform for content creation and curation, especially user-generated content. Real estate is an industry where people value and are influenced by what existing customers have to say about the business.

As the investment is huge and for the long-term, people tend to explore what users are saying, their feedback, experiences, and reviews. The good thing here is that you can curate positive user-generated content from Instagram and display it on your profile or website.

Displaying user-generated content is a great way to showcase social proof and build a community of loyal customers with mutual trust. Further, there is no investment required in curating user-generated content and it saves a lot of time, money, and human effort for content creation. 

4. Visual Appeal

Instagram is the most famous and engaging social media platform when it comes to sharing and accessing images and videos. People engage with compelling images 94% more preferably and videos on a website enhance the conversion rate by 40%.  

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People are always appreciative of lavish-looking infrastructures and real estate could take advantage of this by capturing and promoting properties with high-quality images and compelling videos.

Visual cues add more attractiveness, expressiveness, and interactivity to any form of content and drive higher engagement and leads for your real estate business. 

5. Encourage Interaction

Instagram provides a great opportunity for customer relationship management and community building for any business. Interaction and communication with the audience are tremendously useful for your real estate business to build relations. 

You can use Instagram to have live chat sessions, encourage conversations with your audience, post customer testimonials, post visuals, share feedback/ideas, answer audience questions/queries, etc.

This will help in showing the human side of your business, showcasing personalized interaction, and delivering a sense of attentive engagement to your audience.

To Conclude

Social media is a great source of information about products and brands and real estate too is a part of this spectrum. Integrating these ideas into your real estate Instagram marketing strategy strengthens your promotion campaign.

It is not necessary to use all of these ideas for your marketing plan. You can mix and match strategies that best fulfill your business objectives and social media goals. 

Social media aggregation and customized hashtags are key elements that you must use to get higher leads, engagement, and conversions.