Real Estate About Us Page: How to Turn It Into a Top Lead Generating Tool

Real Estate About Us Page

An About Us page is an essential lead generation tool for a real estate website. But it so happens that it’s one of the most neglected pages too. As your digital representative, a remarkable real estate About Us page works to generate you leads 24/7. If you need to improve yours, here’s a step-by-step guide to writing a really good one. 

It’s very likely that most people visiting a real estate About Us page are qualified leads. So it helps to think of this page as your virtual business card. The better it answers the questions people have, the better impression it would make.

It’s a good idea to grasp the questions your visitors have before drafting your copy:

  • what is this agency all about? what do they specialize in?
  • how long have the company been working on this market?
  • where are they located and which areas do they serve?
  • what makes them special?
  • what are the core values of the team?
  • why should I contact this company and not their competition?

In other words, you have to showcase your achievements, affiliations and skills and do so in a way that would compel people to get in touch.

Here’s a quick recap of some helpful things to get you started.

How to structure a real estate About Us page

Quick introduction 

Describe your background and what has led you to join the real estate industry. Is this a family business you’ve taken over? Your own venture you’ve been dreaming of launching since college? Have you moved from abroad and so can boast a deep understanding of how the business works in different settings?

This section shouldn’t be too long but don’t be afraid to say more, if you have important things to mention. Just make sure to break your text into smaller paragraphs to make it more presentable.

Skills and expertise

If your list of professional accomplishments is long enough, it might make sense to create a separate page to showcase them. You can then link to it from your About Us page. If not, make a nice list right in the page itself.

Our team

If your team is big enough, you may want to create a separate page, then link to it from About Us page.

Awards and certifications

Mention your contribution to the industry, local communities or sustainability of the area you serve. Include logos to showcase this as official.


An interview with your broker or managing director, media coverage of property awards, local news – drop the links to them if you have these.

Links to social media profiles

Offer your visitors an easy option to learn more about you. Place links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or your YouTube page so people can view more of your offering. You may also embed your video too.

Calls to action

A right sidebar is typically a good place to include calls to action, though it will depend on the design and layout of your About Us page. ‘Find you home’, ‘Get a free home evaluation’, ‘Download community resources’, ‘Search our listings’ etc. are just a few examples of what you can include.

‘Get in touch’ form

Should your visitors be compelled to contact you for professional advice, make it easy for them. Adding a contact form to a real estate About Us page is an important lead generating essential.

Customer testimonials

Include a few testimonials as a separate section and remember to link to a dedicated page too. It’s a great tip to make this page talk about the real value you’re delivering as seen by others.

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Do’s and Don’ts when writing content for a real estate About Us page

Don’t be too formal and avoid industry jargon

Most of us have a preconceived notion that a real estate About Us should sound formal to sound credible and trustworthy. But the truth is people are much more ready to connect with humans, not with someone who speaks a language they don’t understand. A friendly and conversational tone is a much better choice for this page.

Use subtitles and bullet points

This is a great way to help people grasp the meaning behind the words. A nice structure makes the text more digestible and creates more white space.

Remember to update

Make sure to add new info to your About Us page and keep track of the pages you’re linking it from. You might add or remove some of those pages so remember to check this out. Outdated, inaccurate information makes a bad impression.

Play around with the format

Knowing what kind of information is crucial for your About Us page is one thing; creating your own format is another. You’ve got your own vision of showcasing your history and expertise so sometimes it might be best to come up with your own structure.

What’s next?

Real estate is all about personal connections. An About Us page is one of the tools that could take leads one step closer to contacting you. Great content, plus a lead capture form is the best way to encourage people to opt-in so make sure you enhance this lead generating ability on your website with this page.