Real Estate Agent: Friend or Foe?

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For most Americans, the simple process of selling or buying a home is stressful enough to want to postpone it or avoid it as much as possible. Having to pack up your whole life into boxes and move to a new state, city, or neighborhood puts so much stress on your family that you’re probably looking for ways to simplify the process. 

Many people turn to real estate agents for this reason alone. The whole process requires certain skills that aren’t mastered by everyone, and even those who do know negotiation techniques might struggle to apply them to their home. When emotions get involved, even the biggest business individuals can be biased and make bad business decisions. The best real estate agents won’t find it difficult to be direct when it comes to the industry and applies their years of experience for your benefit. A real estate agent can help you from setting the listing price all the way through the end of the sale. However, the work of a real estate agent doesn’t stop there, and all the paperwork falls on them. Legislation isn’t the simplest to understand, but with the best real estate agent in the area by your side, you can be sure that nothing will go astray.

Real estate agents can deal with all of that and make sure that you get the best deal for the real estate transaction. Still, how can you know whether the real estate agent you’re working with is your friend or foe? Finding a real estate agent that fits your energy isn’t always easy, but the directory can guide you towards the best realtors in any area. Let’s look at some telltale signs that your real estate agent has your best interest at heart.

When it Comes to Finances

Getting ready to embark on the real estate process makes you aware of your finances. Your financial possibilities and expectations are on the table. This might just be your most significant financial decision so far. It’s normal to be nervous. You hear of people that either rely on a professional or have sworn off working with a real estate agent again. So, what should you do? Should you trust a real estate agent with your financial venture or go at it alone? Some people manage to become best friends with their real estate agent, while rarely others may have bad things to say about their experience. So what’s that truth? Usually, if you have two extreme feedbacks, the truth is somewhere in the middle. 

From a financial point of view, trusting someone else to guide you towards the best decision for your family based on your financial situation is scary. Many people don’t even trust their spouse with their financial situation, and a real estate agent is supposed to be aware of your possibilities from the get-go. So how do you do it? It’s simple. Based on your financial situation, they can help you make the best decision. They know the market, know how prices are at any given time, and can advise you on loan opportunities that fit your situation best. Real estate agents won’t mess around finances because their earnings are a direct result of the transaction. If they don’t manage the situation correctly, the risk of the transaction falling through grows, which means they don’t get a commission from it.

Speaking the Truth

Real estate agents listen to their client’s desires and try to make their dreams come true. They will focus on whatever you are looking for in a home, but make sure that you keep an eye on your budget. Their interest is to help you with either selling or buying a home. This is why there is no reason for them to spend extended amounts of time on showings or listings that don’t fit the bill. They are familiar with the market and know everything that goes into a real estate transaction. They can help you set the correct price on your listing or advise you on offers based on the seller’s listing price. 

If they see you fixated on a home that is way out of your budget’s capabilities, they will kindly focus your attention on houses you can afford while keeping your wishlist in mind. If you focus too much on something you can’t afford, you negatively influence your experience, make the seller believe you’re interested, and waste everyone’s time. Being made aware that you can’t afford a home is within their job description. Similarly, if you are selling a home and get an offer, they will help you understand whether you should accept it based on the house in question, the market, and the offer. A trusting relationship with your real estate agent will benefit you both in terms of your finances and in terms of your decision. Real estate agents have done this a many times before, so when they tell you that some fix might have a more significant impact on your budget, trust them. The last thing you want is to be mesmerized by the home’s engraved fireplace and completely miss out on the termite infestation. 

Focusing on your Real Estate Venture

We already mentioned that a real estate agent that works on commission won’t get paid unless you sell or buy a property. Of course, that makes them focus on the task at hand. That is why once you start working with a real estate agent, you will see that the whole real estate process is starting to move faster. Not only are they motivated to finalize the process for you, but also themselves. However, because they know how the real estate market works, they will make sure you get a fair price on your transaction. They might be motivated to inflate prices or to make you lower your price if they know that a home goes for $350,000. However, why would they make you lower it and get a commission for $300,000, or inflate it and miss out on the commission entirely when no buyer is interested?

A real estate agent doesn’t have to lower or increase any listing price from a logical perspective. If a listed property is valued at $350,000 and the seller has five offers, they will choose the highest bid. The job of a real estate agent is to make sure yours is the highest bid, and those are the instances when prices can grow. This, however, doesn’t happen because the real estate agent inflated the price, but because the property is hot and there are several parties interested. Similarly, if the same property spends more than 60 days on the market, they might advise the seller to lower the price, but that again only happens when no interested parties are involved. The market dictates the price. Whether it is the number of offers on a property, or deep pocket buyers, the real estate agent is the intermediary that mainly works on commission. 


Finding a friend in a real estate agent can be incredibly beneficial but don’t expect them to work pro bono for you whenever you require some real estate expertise. While some do, it just isn’t good business. There is a saying that goes like this: “If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.” Oddly enough, this applies to real estate agents just like most other lines of business. 

We can not say that all real estate agents are friends or foes. That is because the relationship between a real estate agent and a client involves two people. Trust, respect and common courtesy are necessary for any social interaction, and if they aren’t applied here, the relationship won’t be perfect. Communication is vital, and respect is essential. Without these two, no matter how good a person you or your real estate agent are, the collaboration won’t go smoothly. Share your thoughts and expectations with your real estate agent and respect their thoughts and expectations as well. After all, in most relationships, we get what we give. So just share what you expect to receive, and things might turn up alright.

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