5 Real Estate Blog Topics to Get People to Take Action This Autumn

Real Estate Blog Topics

The autumn season is in full swing but for many agents this means less business activity in the local real estate market. But that doesn’t mean that an agent’s marketing activities must stop. On the contrary, doing them consistently can generate you leads even when inventory is low and buyers are hesitant to take action. Your blog is instrumental for making this happen. Here are 5 real estate blog or guest post topics to focus on in the next few months.

5 Real estate blog topics to get more leads during the slow season

1. New homes for sale

Getting hold of exclusive info on new projects from property developers is a fantastic topic to feature on your blog. People love this kind of info so if you can provide it, they will consider you to be a go-to source of local real estate data.

The sooner you write about the new homes, the bigger the odds of ranking really high for these terms and staying there for a long time after. And, frankly, what developer would object to this kind of promotion? Which means you can get this information quite easily.

All in all, writing about new construction homes for sale or rent is a good investment of your time.

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2. Market reports

Real estate market reports are invaluable. You can publish them to your blog and use them in your listing presentations. Reports make your site more credible and help you rank higher in search results.

If you have access to such data for the reports (provided either by third parties, realtor associations, or government agencies), you should definitely do them.

3. Local neighborhoods

If you want to be a successful agent in your local area, you must target it heavily on your real estate website and blog. Generic property-related keywords are not enough because everyone is targeting them. You have to be very specific about the area you serve so that your site will show up in search every time people search for it online.

To get some inspiration, check out these posts:

4. Long-tail queries

Chances are you don’t rank anywhere near the top of search results for top queries like “Chicago apartments for sale”. But ranking for “Chicago 1-bedroom loft apartment for rent in Lincoln Park” might just be the winning query to aim for. So why not make it one of your next real estate blog topics?

Use tools like keywordtool.io or LSIGraph to uncover the long-tail keywords that you can target in your blog posts. By the way, ranking high for specific long-tail terms often leads to higher rankings for the more generic and broad terms as well.

5. A list of “The most…” properties on the market

Expensive, affordable, historic, beautiful, renovated, etc. – make a list of whatever works best for you. Don’t forget to use location-specific keywords, down to the streets and zip codes so you get some SEO value as well. Add lots of photos and you’re done.

What’s next?

Finding real estate blog topics that would encourage people to pick up their phones and call you is hard enough but these ideas might be just what you need to try. Over to you now!