6 Real Estate Blogging Ideas to Generate Leads This Summer

Real Estate Blogging Ideas

As the busy summer season began, did you find yourself running out of real estate blogging ideas? For a real estate professional, blogging can be challenging, especially so in the hustle and bustle of summer sales. Here are 6 great blogging ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

From strengthening SEO to reinforcing your brand, blogging has many benefits. In fact, 70% of customers learn about a company through content rather than ads and 90% find content from companies useful.

Boost your online lead generation with these real estate blogging ideas that would be perfect for this summer season.

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6 real estate blogging or guest blogging ideas to try now

1. Overview of local schools

Summer is a hot season for the real estate industry and the temperatures might have nothing to do with it. Thousands of families with children relocate during summertime and guess what’s the #1 factor they rank the new place upon? Correct, school facilities.

To connect with this audience, put together a complete information pack on schools in your area. Try to find more diverse data like school ratings, awards, reviews, etc. You can even make this into gated content, for example, create a downloadable eBook or PDF report that people can get after giving their emails address (you would need to set up a landing page).

You can then promote this report across your social and email channels and get more contacts in your inbox.

2. Community updates

Thriving local communities are a sure sign that the area welcomes people. It’s the joint work of real estate agents and other local businesses to promote the area to make it seen as a great destination. You want to build your local reputation in the community every day.

Some of the ways to do so:

  • create and update neighborhood landing pages;
  • share info about other businesses in your area;
  • write a review on a local restaurant or other business;
  • list summer activities your area is famous for;
  • share information about grassroots community initiatives (and take part in them), etc.

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3. Create a summer real estate market report

Should people consider buying in your area, they’d definitely look for recent market information. Be quick to grasp the opportunities this quest for data provides. Compile a fresh report to showcase how the local market performed compared to previous summer months and other seasons of the year.

Again, you can convert this report into a downloadable PDF and capture emails via a dedicated landing page.

4. Join and feature real estate market trends

If some big trends shaping the real estate industry are happening, they are most definitely topping social media feeds. To join the conversation, make sure to use relevant hashtags.

For example, June is announced a National Homeownership Month in the United States. The key message is to address the challenges millennials face when trying to navigate the real estate market.

Dedicate your time to producing a series of blog posts, guides or checklists on how these challenges look like in your local area and what can be done to overcome them. Share the info on social media using appropriate hashtags and promote via your newsletter.

5. Visit the CVB website to see what’s trending

If your area is a popular tourist destination, chances are big people talk about it a lot. To get an idea of what content this audience is interested in, visit websites like a local Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), TripadvisorLonely Planet, etc., and take a close look at the discussion threads. Found something promising? Feature the answers on your blog and promote them across your social channels.

6. List 10 properties with the best views

Together with promoting your local area at large, you’d also like to promote the best of what the local real estate market has to offer.

One of the best real estate blogging ideas is to make a list of some of the most beautiful properties in your area or neighborhood, include photos or video walkthroughs, and promote this content across your social media and email channels.

Likewise, you can create lists based on any other criteria you find useful.

What’s next?

Six real estate blogging ideas you can start using already this week to generate more online leads this summer – over to you now.