The Most Effective Real Estate Email Marketing Tactics You May Have Missed

real estate marketing tactics

Despite the social media hype, email is one of the most effective real estate marketing tactics. In fact, marketers from a variety of industries including real estate rank it as one of their top lead generating tools.

The team at Ascend2 released its report, 2017 State of Email Marketing, to give us all a glimpse into which email marketing tactics prove to be the most effective. Take a closer look to get some inspiration and tweak your own email campaigns.

The most effective real estate marketing tactics

Message personalization seems to be the most effective email tactic for 50% of polled marketers. Using a good call-to-action and sending content to the right people (list segmentation) is also crucial.

However, personalization should go well beyond personalized first names (though that it important too). For the best results, agents should send personalized content to the right audience as well. For example, you can create content for buyers, sellers, specific localities, etc., segment your email lists and send the right content to the right people.

Apart from personalization, a good call-to-action, and list data segmentation. Other effective real estate marketing tactics are:

  • testing and optimization;
  • social sharing;
  • mobile responsive design;
  • automated campaigns.

real estate marketing tactics

Source: 2017 State of Email Marketing

The most difficult real estate marketing tactics to implement

We may know what the most effective tactics are, but some of them turn out to be the most difficult to use. In particular, list segmentation is ranked as the hardest challenge:

Effective email marketing tactics

Source: 2017 State of Email Marketing

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