Real Estate Facebook Ads: Top 8 Features to Try Now

real estate facebook ads

Unparalleled marketing reach, affordable cost, and hyperlocal targeting: this is what Facebook advertising means to agents today. The world’s most popular social media opens ample opportunities to run local campaigns and agents are learning to make the most of them. 

Facebook has plenty of valuable options for agents who aspire to reach their target audience and generate more online leads. Here are some of the most exciting features real estate Facebook ads can offer that you’d want to know about before launching your next campaign.

Real estate Facebook ads: 8 of the most useful features

1. Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel tracks everything you need to know about your campaign, for example, content views, downloads, signups, etc. It also lets you use the traffic data to launch remarketing campaigns and recapture the interest of people who have already visited your site.

The main reason you need to use the Facebook pixel is campaign optimization. If you track everything, you can enhance the content of your ads, optimize targeting options and understand your audience better.

To create a Facebook pixel, go to the Ad Manager, then add the code to the pages on your website you want to track.

Facebook pixel

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2. Conversion campaigns

Once you have added a Facebook pixel to your site, you can start looking into getting a website conversion campaign. The main purpose of this campaign is to redirect people to your site once they’ve seen your Facebook ad so they can take a specific action. For example, your message can invite people to list their property with you or find vacation rentals in the area.

Facebook recommends that if you don’t get 15-25 conversions within a week, it might be best to optimize for a higher-funnel event. For example, potential leads can sign up for a free evaluation or download the latest market report. That way, you’ll get more contacts with the budget you set.

3. Carousel campaigns

Real estate is a visual industry. Compelling, high-resolution images and videos do a great job of showcasing properties so why not use the visual content you have on your site?

In a nutshell, Facebook carousel campaigns let you display up to 10 images or videos in one ad. A huge advantage is that each video or image can link to a different page on your site. This makes it a great tool to run targeted campaigns promoting any listings you market.

T0 recap, here’s what you can include in carousel real estate Facebook ads:

  • 10 videos or images;
  • a headline for each image or video;
  • up to 10 different links.

4. Behavior targeting

Your ad campaign can be even more successful if you take the behavior of your audience into account. Here’s what Facebook offers so far:

facebook behavioral targeting

Source: All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options by WordStream

5. Demographic targeting

Setting your campaign gets really exciting when you start tweaking the targeting options. These are comprehensive and diverse and you just can’t do it wrong if you know your audience well.

Advertisement, a Facebook ad agency, did a great infographic putting together all the targeting options Facebook provides. To give you a general idea of just how broad demographic targeting options are, here are a few examples:

  • location;
  • home;
  • work;
  • age and gender;
  • generation (baby boomers, millennials, generation X);
  • education;
  • parents;
  • language;
  • finance, etc.

6. Interest targeting

One of the greatest factors contributing to your advertising success is who you’re targeting. Are they people who are highly likely to be interested? Or a random audience that you know little about?

Luckily, Facebook’s interest targeting options are just as broad as demographic ones. Here are a few examples (check them all here):

  • hobbies & activities;
  • entertainment;
  • business & industry;
  • sports & outdoors;
  • shopping & fashion;
  • technology;
  • food & drink;
  • fitness & wellness;
  • family & relationships.

Each of these categories has loads of additional options to choose from. If you know the profile of your typical customer, chances are your real estate Facebook ads will reach the right people.

 7. Custom Audiences

If you feel your real estate Facebook ads could be even more specific, make sure to use custom targeting options. For example, you can target a specific neighborhood by using a zip code or reach out to people who engaged with your website in some way:

Custom audiences

Source: The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting

8. Video Ads

You probably see lots of videos in your Facebook news feed. That is part of Facebook’s approach to giving more real estate to video content.

Facebook video ads are cheap and will earn you lots of impressions. Just upload your video to Facebook, write a description, set the budget and targeting and you’re done. This guide features a great introduction to Facebook video ads so check it out as well.

What’s next?

Define your campaign goals, carefully check out targeting options, set a budget and a timeframe and you’re one step closer to filling your pipeline with qualified leads.