20 Best-performing Headlines for Real Estate Facebook Posts

Real estate Facebook posts are supposed to bring a wealth of traffic to an agent’s website but don’t forget they’re competing against crowded newsfeeds. For this reason, boosting posts may seem like a viable option to get them in front of your audience. However, there’s an essential element to it that you might miss – a headline.

On Facebook, it seems that certain headlines grab more attention and deliver higher engagement than others. The team at BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million headlines between March 1, 2017, and May 10, 2017, to find out which ones provide the highest engagement on Facebook. Let’s explore what they have discovered.

Words that can make great headlines for real estate Facebook posts

20 top-performing phrases in Facebook headlines

According to the BuzzSumo research, the top-performing and attention-grabbing phrase in a Facebook headline is “will make you”:

Top-performing words in Facebook headlines

Source: BuzzSumo

20 top-performing phrases in Facebook headlines

On the contrary, phrases like “control of your”, “your own business’ and “work for you” tend to perform worse:

Worst performing words in Facebook headlines

Source: BuzzSumo

20 best phrases to start real estate Facebook posts with

Just as some phrases resonate with people better, so do certain words used at the beginning of a headline:

Top starting phrases fro Facebook posts

Source: BuzzSumo

Likewise, 20 best phrases to end your posts with are:

Top ending phrases for Facebook posts

Source: BuzzSumo

What’s the ideal length of a Facebook headline?

We used to think that the shorter the headline, the better. But it doesn’t always work that way, particularly on Facebook. BuzzSumo found out that headlines with 12 to 18 words garner higher engagement (like, shares, etc.) than the ones that are longer or shorter:

The perfect length of a Facebook post

Source: BuzzSumo

By the way, the most popular number in real estate Facebook posts is ten.

Spark your audience’s sense of belonging

Another type of effective headlines for real estate Facebook posts are the ones that speak to people’s sense of belonging to a certain community, demographic group or profession. For example, posts with the following headlines are very appealing to people who consider themselves part of those groups:

  • 10 Things Only Knoxville Residents Will Understand
  • 15 Things Only First-time Homebuyers Will Understand
  • 5 Housing Challenges Only Millennials Can Turn Into Opportunities

So when producing your content, test different variations of the headlines to engage your audience.

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