Writing Attention Grabbing Real Estate Headlines

man writing real estate headlines

Attention-grabbing real estate headlines are still king in listing marketing. A well-crafted headline can serve a variety of functions, from summarizing the story of a home to generating interest in buying to making people want to share it. In addition, a headline can ensure that your listing appears at the top of the search results, which means more attention.

According to some of the best copywriters of all time, you should spend half of the time it takes to write a piece of persuasive content on the headline. When it comes to the crowded world of real estate listings, we fully agree with this advice. But crafting the perfect real estate headline is no easy feat—it requires a delicate balance of professionalism and wit. Here are a few tips to get you started or skip down to see 75 sample headlines!

A headline can serve a variety of functions in regard to real estate. These functions are as follows:

  • Story Summarization– A good headline will provide a brief summary of what the property listing is about.
  • Interest Generation– An effective headline will generate interest in the property and encourage further reading. Maybe it even gets people to show up to an open house!
  • Immediacy Satisfaction– A headline should immediately satisfy any curiosity the reader may have about the listing.
  • Attention Direction– A well-written headline will direct the reader’s attention to what is important in the listing.

Tell A Story With Your Headline

A good story is always enticing, so why not use your headline to tell one? When writing a story-based headline, make sure to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. You want your readers to be able to understand the gist of the story without getting bogged down in too many details. For example, instead of “The Smiths’ Old Home is Finally on the Market after Four Years,” try “Rare Gem: Charming Historic Home With Huge Backyard” See how much easier that is to digest?

Appeal To Emotion

As humans, we are suckers for emotional appeal. So why not tap into that with your headline? Tugging at heartstrings is a great way to get people interested in your listing. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with this one—a little bit of emotion goes a long way. For example, telling a story like “Downsizing Seniors Say Goodbye To Beloved Family Home” can paint a picture that really hits home, but might not be exactly the way to sell a specific home.

Some top Agents also try to start their description with an emotional hook right after the headline as well. For example, “Picture your family swimming on a warm summer day in the backyard of your new home.” But all the emotion starts with a strong headline.

Use Active Voice and Verbs To Bring The Headline To Life

When it comes to headlines (and really all writing), active voice trumps passive voice every time. Active voice is when the subject is performing the action (e.g., “I am writing a blog post”), while passive voice is when the subject is having the action done TO them (e.g., “A blog post is being written by me”). Active voice is shorter, simpler, and easier to understand—all qualities that you want in a headline.

In addition to using active voice, try spicing up your headlines with some strong verbs. Bonus points if you can use verbs to bring the property to life.

Avoid Clichés Like the Plague

When it comes to real estate headlines (or really any headlines), clichés should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they tired and overused, but they also make you seem unoriginal and unimaginative—two qualities that you definitely don’t want potential buyers associating with your listings. So steer clear of phrases like “must-see” or “turn-key condition,” and instead try thinking outside the box for something truly unique.

You also need to maintain professionalism, so don’t use all caps, too many exclamation points, or anything outright misleading or outlandish. And of course, remember to keep it short and sweet. You don’t want your headline to be too long; otherwise, people will lose interest before they even get to the meat of the listing! Try to limit yourself to around 10 words or less.

75 Example Real Estate Headlines To Get You Going

25 Attention-Grabbing Real Estate Headlines For Rural Properties

  1. “Charming country home on 5 acres”
  2. “Stunning views from this mountain retreat”
  3. “Private and secluded farmhouse on 25 acres”
  4. “Spacious ranch on 100 acres”
  5. “Beautiful lakefront cabin with dock”
  6. “Gorgeous log home on private wooded lot”
  7. “Stunning riverfront property with fishing access”
  8. “Secluded hunting cabin on 40 acres”
  9. “Private and peaceful country home on 10 acres”
  10. “Cozy cottage on a secluded pond”
  11. “Spacious farmhouse on a working farm”
  12. “Rustic cabin in the woods with mountain views”
  13. “Charming country home with wrap-around porch”
  14. “Secluded hunting property with cabin and outbuildings”
  15. “Beautiful lakefront property with private dock”
  16. “Gorgeous log home on 5 acres with a stream”
  17. “Private and peaceful country estate on 50 acres”
  18. “Spacious farmhouse with barn and outbuildings”
  19. “Stunning mountain views from this cabin on 10 acres”
  20. “Charming country cottage on a quiet road”
  21. “Peaceful country living on a private acreage”
  22. “Secluded cabin in the woods with a stream”
  23. “Beautiful ranch on 40 acres with a pond”
  24. “Gorgeous log home on 10 acres with a barn”
  25. “Private and peaceful country property on 30 acres”

25 Attention-Grabbing Real Estate Headlines For Suburban Properties

  1. “Spacious colonial on a large corner lot”
  2. “Gorgeous craftsman home with a wrap-around porch”
  3. “Beautiful two-story home with a fenced-in yard”
  4. “Stunning brick home with a gourmet kitchen”
  5. “Charming cape cod with a white picket fence”
  6. “Spacious ranch on a quiet cul-de-sac”
  7. “Gorgeous colonial with a two-story foyer”
  8. “Beautiful two-story home with a finished basement”
  9. “Charming Victorian with a wrap-around porch”
  10. “Spacious colonial with a large backyard”
  11. “Gorgeous traditional home with a fireplace”
  12. “Beautiful split-level home with a finished basement”
  13. “Charming cape cod with a screened-in porch”
  14. “Spacious ranch with a fenced-in yard”
  15. “Gorgeous colonial with a formal dining room”
  16. “Beautiful two-story home with a sunroom”
  17. “Charming Victorian with a turret”
  18. “Spacious colonial with a large kitchen”
  19. “Gorgeous traditional home with a den”
  20. “Beautiful split-level home with a deck”
  21. “Charming cape cod with a large front porch”
  22. “Spacious colonial with a large master suite”
  23. “Gorgeous traditional home with a large yard”
  24. “Beautiful split-level home with a pool”
  25. “Expansive cape cod with a front courtyard”

25 Attention-Grabbing Real Estate Headlines For Urban Properties

  1. “Spacious loft in a historic building”
  2. “Gorgeous penthouse with city views”
  3. “Beautiful townhome with a rooftop deck”
  4. “Stunning high-rise condo with a gym”
  5. “Charming brownstone with a fireplace”
  6. “Spacious apartment with a balcony”
  7. “Gorgeous duplex with a private backyard”
  8. “Beautiful condo with a rooftop pool”
  9. “Stunning high-rise with a concierge”
  10. “Charming row house with a garage”
  11. “Spacious apartment with a view”
  12. “Gorgeous penthouse with a private elevator”
  13. “Beautiful townhome with a courtyard”
  14. “Stunning high-rise with a doorman”
  15. “Charming brownstone with a rooftop terrace”
  16. “Spacious apartment with a fireplace”
  17. “Gorgeous duplex with a balcony”
  18. “Beautiful condo with a fitness center”
  19. “Stunning high-rise with a rooftop garden”
  20. “Charming row house with a private entrance”
  21. “Spacious apartment with a walk-in closet”
  22. “Gorgeous penthouse with a jacuzzi”
  23. “Beautiful townhome with a garage”
  24. “Stunning high-rise with a rooftop deck”
  25. “Charming brownstone with a private courtyard”

Attention-grabbing real estate headlines are essential for listings, they provide crucial information for potential buyers and generate interest in the property. Keep your headlines professional yet interesting, and be sure to include enough information to satisfy curiosity without giving away too much! And don’t forget to apply these same concepts to other parts of your advertising, like your business cards and flyers. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be writing headlines like a pro in no time!