Real estate in Bangalore: Current Scenario

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The real estate sector in India is witnessing an accelerated growth for the past few years. The Indian government proclaims that India can potentially attain the target of $5 trillion by the year 2024-2025.  

Mumbai and Delhi are the principal cities in the real estate sector. However, Bangalore, mainly known as Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is among India’s rapidly growing cities. Bangalore’s location is in southern India, which has a population of  8.5 million and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. 

Besides, there is a speedy growth in the demand for real estate in Bangalore, such as demands for apartments in Hennur road.

The current scenario of real estate in Bangalore: What you need to know?

Real estate in Bangalore is booming

Bengaluru is a city that is rapidly growing in the technological field. There has been a rise in start-up firms; in 2018, around 1200-1300 start-up firms were registered. Bangalore is significantly thriving in the real estate sector as they have a booming millennial workforce. 

Moreover, Bangalore is the country that has gained authentic acknowledgment of being appropriate to invest in its real estate. Furthermore, there has been enormous demand from NRIs, entrepreneurs, and mainstream individuals to build top-notch buildings. People have the utmost trust in Bangalore’s real estate companies as they have a good reputation and provide high-quality homes. 

Hence, they are willing to invest in those real estate projects. There is no doubt why there has been obvious development in different areas in Bangalore. There has been consistent demand for apartments in north Bangalore and apartments in Hennur road.

A rapidly growing area in Bangalore: North Bangalore

Bangalore is a city where many people desire to settle permanently. To be more precise, north Bangalore is rapidly evolving to provide people with top-grade and luxurious apartments and villas. Moreover, not many cities in India can permanently attract other people to settle in an ideal destination. Undoubtedly, Bangalore is the ideal that can provide this service.

Moreover, many people desire to have an excellent place to live where they can enjoy different facilities such as luxurious apartments that offer a gym, swimming pool, or 24-hour security. As Bangalore’s real estate sector holds a good reputation, it can attract many individuals to invest in their projects. 

For example, an apartment in Hennur is worth investing in as it can provide multiple benefits and a fantastic view from any apartment. Investing in apartments in Hennur can indeed be a lifetime investment to obtain your dream house. 

Is it worth investing in a real estate project in Bangalore?

Investing in a real estate project is never a bad idea, as long as you trust the company. Bangalore is leading in the IT sector. Therefore, those who wish to make a career in IT will undoubtedly need a place to live. 

The best option can be to choose shared-accommodation for people working in Bangalore. Sharing an apartment in Bangalore will indeed provide you with a luxurious and safe apartment, plus you will also save money on rent.

Furthermore, it is not worth living in an area where you are paying expensive monthly rent and not obtaining a luxurious and safe place to live. Instead, couples or families can make a lifetime investment together to own a flat that can provide safety, security, different activities.

You may now deduce with certainty that it is highly beneficial in the long term to invest in a real estate project.

A plot or a flat in Bangalore?

It can be challenging to choose whether to invest in a plot or a flat in Bangalore. A land will undoubtedly allow you to build a house precisely as per your preference. However, the catching point is that buying a plot and building a house can be enormously expensive. 

Lands in Bangalore are usually available in areas such as forests. Therefore, building a home away from Bangalore’s busy life may not be an option if you are working there. However, if you are planning retirement, you can, of course, choose these types of areas if you desire to live a peaceful life in the lushness of nature.

Moreover, living in a flat in Bangalore may be more beneficial as it will undoubtedly cost less than a plot and building a house. Plus, you will have different kinds of amenities, safety, and security. It is deeply advisable to opt for a flat for those planning to settle in Bangalore to permanently do a job.


Conclusively, it is advisable to invest in a real estate project if you live in an area where you know you are losing money regarding monthly rent. In the long term, you will be the owner of an apartment or a plot. Hence, consider making a lifetime investment to provide yourself with a peaceful life.