1-week Real Estate Lead Conversion Plan to Try This Summer

Real Estate Lead Conversion Plan

80 percent of leads are lost because of poor follow-ups, so you might never get a chance to close what could be your best deal and ask for a referral. If the follow-up is giving you a hard time, here’s a 1-week real estate lead conversion plan to try.

1-week real estate lead conversion plan

Day 1

1. Respond quickly once someone has contacted you. The probability of signing up a lead grows exponentially if you manage to get back to them quickly.

2. Add the leads to your CRM. If the lead contacted you via your website, and if your CRM integrates with it, this should be done automatically.

3. Send a welcome email. This is your opportunity to shine so take the chance to introduce yourself properly.

A welcome on board email should be a quick introduction explaining:

  • who you are;
  • what you specialize in and what value you can deliver;
  • why are you sending the email.

It’s a good idea to include links to your social media profiles and About Us page. Also, try to prove your value right away by sending a link to a market report, neighborhood guide or other valuable resource.

Day 3

You made a proper introduction and showed that when it comes to the local market, you know what you’re talking about. However, chances are big that your leads haven’t taken any action in which case you need to start following up.

1. Send an email with three listings matching the criteria buyers are looking for. If you’re reaching out to seller leads, remind them of a free evaluation you offer. Also, you can send a few listings with similar homes in your area plus your own thoughts on the market. This should give your sellers a better idea of what to expect from the local market.

2. Likewise, you can call and ask if they had a chance to check out the information you sent earlier and whether it was helpful to them. A lot of agents also send handwritten notes as this helps establish a more personal connection.

Day 5

Day 5 sounds like a good time to remind your leads of your exceptional knowledge and expertise and encourage them to get in touch. This is where you continue with the real estate lead conversion plan.

1. Send them one of your resources, for example a market report or neighborhood guide.

2. Add the leads to your newsletter mailing list so they automatically receive new content in the future.

Day 7

The last stage in your 1-week real estate lead conversion plan is to make sure the leads won’t be lost and are indeed added to your campaign lists.

1. Call and ask if the latest resource you sent them triggered any questions that they would want you to answer.

2. Add leads to your email/direct mail and SMS campaign lists. You can then send them alerts once new properties they might be interested in are listed. Of course, the same goes for your content.

1-week real estate marketing plan

While you’re busy with your conversion activities, don’t forget about essential marketing tasks to do every week.

Day 1

1. Blogging. The frequency of blogging depends on how much time you can dedicate to it. If you can blog more than once a week, you definitely should.

Great posts to publish are:

  • buyer questions;
  • seller questions;
  • FAQs;
  • anything about the local community;
  • weekly/monthly market updates;
  • some financial education like how to price a home, how to stage a home or what type of mortgage to choose.

2. On-page SEO. Whenever you publish a new post or a property listing, remember about essential SEO you must do. Use this checklist:

on-page seo checklist for real estate agents

Day 2

Promotion. Schedule your content to be published on social media (you can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer). Here’s some great research on the best times to post on social media.

Day 3

Schedule an email newsletter with the latest content you published during the week. This overlaps with one of the steps in your lead conversion plan because if you added your leads to your mailing list, they will receive newsletters automatically.

What’s next?

Each of these stages is designed to help you stay connected with your leads. All of them are in different stages of their journey to buy or sell. This means you will need multiple touch points to get your leads to take any particular action. If your leads haven’t responded within this first week, add them to your drip campaigns and keep sending them new content and listings alerts.