Real Estate Lead Magnets: How to Get More Leads with Your Facebook Campaigns

Real Estate Lead Magnets

Agents running Facebook ads struggle to boost the effectiveness of their campaigns all the time. If you’re looking to get more leads out of your Facebook ad campaigns, consider using diverse real estate lead magnets. Here’s a quick guide to get started right away. 

A successful Facebook ad campaign is the one that makes people tick. Chances are that an ad with a simple listing will generate you fewer leads than you might expect. And since you need to keep your sales pipeline full of leads, the question of how to craft better ads is looming all the time.

The answer is quite simple: You need to offer your audience better content in your ads. How exactly? You can use real estate lead magnets.

What is a real estate lead magnet?

Consider this: You’re giving something valuable to potential prospects in return for their contact info (typically an email). That’s exactly how real estate lead magnets work:

  • you produce a piece of content that you know is relevant to your audience and answers their questions. Usually, it’s best to make it a downloadable resource, for example, a PDF file;
  • you create a landing page with a short form (usually a name and email address but you may also include additional fields if you need);
  • you set up a Facebook ad campaign and link to the landing page you’ve created. Having filled in the contact information, people can download the resource that peaked their interest.

Remember that real estate lead magnets should be targeted. Generic content resonates worse. If you want to generate both buyer and seller leads, it’s better to produce two different lead magnets and ad campaigns. Target particular demographics in a particular area, both in your content and your ad settings.

The biggest challenge for you will probably be creating a good piece of content as that is time-consuming. To save yourself lots of time, convert your existing blog posts into an eBook instead of producing something brand new.

7 types of real estate lead magnets to use for your next Facebook campaign

1) Buyer’s guide

This is one of the most sought after information, particularly among first-time homebuyers. And that’s exactly where you can showcase your expertise. Make a simple step-by-step guide and explain what to expect from the home buying process in your area.

2) Seller’s guide 

If you’re targeting sellers, a seller’s guide would be one of the best real estate magnets to use. Keep it short and don’t forget to offer a free home evaluation.

3) Market reports

Buyer leads are always interested in how the market is performing. Try running a Facebook ad offering a free downloadable market update broken down for particular neighborhoods in your area.

4) How-to’s

Pick the most frequently asked questions, put the answers together in one eBook and run a Facebook ad promoting it. How to enhance curb appeal, how to stage a home, when is the best time to market a listing, etc. – anything people ask you about every day will do.

5) Local favorites 

Sometimes promoting your area at large brings you more signups since people are naturally interested in this kind of information.

6) Latest review of home prices in your area

Use market data to build simple charts on the home prices in the neighborhood and offer people the ability to sign up and find out how their homes compare.

7) Exclusive lists

One of the easiest ways to create real estate lead magnets is to put together your own list of properties (just listed, luxury, bank-owned, short sale, etc). Few agents use this trick but it’s very targeted and effective.

What’s next?

Try and test different content in your Facebook ads to get more inquiries in your inbox. The key is to be very specific in addressing your prospects’ questions and target the right audience.