9 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Inspire Your Leads

Real Estate Video Marketing

So you hear about the real estate video marketing buzz and start thinking it might be a good idea to shoot a couple of videos? The next question is what exactly do you showcase in your videos apart from listings. The only limit is your creativity but if you need some inspiration, here are some solid suggestions to get you started.

9 real estate video marketing ideas to inspire your clients to take action

1. Neighborhood videos

You know the golden rule: you’re not marketing listings but a lifestyle in a particular area. What better way to describe the lifestyle in that area than with a quick video overview?

These videos are the perfect tool to amplify your neighborhood pages and guides. The idea is to show the most interesting things the area has to offer like the best venues and attractions. But you can go even further and provide more down-to-earth information on schools, hospitals, largest employers, prominent infrastructure, etc.

2. Promotional videos about your brokerage/agents

Showcase your office and awards and give a behind-the-scenes look at how work is being done at your brokerage. This should help you build a personal connection with your leads.

3. Property listing videos

These are an agent’s favorite. They are concise, to the point and work to promote a particular property. People love photos and videos and this is one of the most underestimated lead generation tools for sure.

Your sellers will be impressed if you show them a lovely professional video of their property. Plus, it’s nearly indispensable when promoting a property via social media where you’ll have to compete with an endless stream of information in news feeds.

Real estate video marketing

4. Local community events

Chances are your area hosts annual/seasonal or special events from time to time. This is a good opportunity to promote your city or neighborhood and create diverse video content. Both locals and people thinking of relocating to the area will be curious to check them out.

5. Market updates

If you’re sending your clients market reports, half the work is done. Convert your market reports to videos making them shorter and highlighting key points. This could be a good alternative to traditional market updates at the same time being more enjoyable to readers/viewers.

6. Buyer/seller questions

Another real estate video marketing idea is to share knowledge. Chances are you have an FAQ section on your blog so you might want to make some super quick videos with answers to those questions.

Post them on your blog and social media and make a series of emails to sent out to your buyers and sellers over the month.

7. Top 5 active listings

Showcasing a selection of beautiful properties through videos is a great idea and might help you engage buyer leads who are still evaluating the area. You can make tons of these videos based on location, property type, special features and literally anything else you can think of, for example “Top 5 waterfront properties for sale in [City]” or “Top 3 Georgian houses for sale in [City]”.

8. Review of a local business

Review a popular local restaurant or gym and share it with your audience. Reach out to that business and ask them to promote the video across their channels as well.

9. School interviews

According to the 2013 Realtor.com survey, 91% of people said schools play a major role in their real estate decisions. So shooting a school video might actually be one of the best reale estate video marketing ideas, whether it’s a school overview or an interview with the staff.

What’s next?

Over to you! Real estate video marketing is a powerful strategy that will set you apart from your competition and help to get more people joining your sphere.