4 Reasons to Make Real Estate Video Part of Your Marketing Plan

Video is one of the most effective content formats agents can use in their marketing. Moreover, working in a visual industry, realtors can benefit greatly by incorporating more videos in their daily marketing. As an agent, have you been missing out on real estate videos? Here are four reasons you should embrace video marketing asap.

4 reasons to make real estate video part of your marketing plan

1. People love videos

A few years ago, experts predicted that video will dominate the digital marketing scene. They were right – today, people spent one-third of their time online watching videos (Source: Hyperfine Media). People want to consume information quickly and easily and a 2-minute long video seems to satisfy that quest for information just fine.

Moreover, videos effectively overcome short attention span. According to Hyperfine Media, 80% of users recall a video they viewed in the past 30 days. Just imagine how much easier it would be to keep prospective buyers engaged if you would visualize their future homes right through their device?

All in all, the mere fact that video is so popular should urge you to dedicate more time to produce more of it.

2. People want to learn about neighborhoods and properties

You neighborhood landing pages and listings will instantly become more convincing if they contain a video. In fact, including a video on a landing page can boost conversions by 80% (Source: Hyperfine Media).

Moreover, the team at Wyzowl discovered that 98% of people they surveyed viewed a video about services or products and 90% said they found the video helpful.

Most people are better at remembering visual information. This means your property videos can be instrumental in helping you stand out in the local marketplace, brand your brokerage and get more inquiries.

3. Videos improve your organic rankings in search

In their survey, Wyzowl also found out that 62% of companies that incorporated video have seen their organic traffic and rankings increase.

The reason for this is simple enough. Because people find video engaging, they tend to spend more time on the website. This lowers the bounce rate (which is one of the ranking factors search engines use) and so the site climbs up the search results faster.

4. Videos boost lead generation

A skeptical agent might say that all of this is good and well but what contribution does real estate video make to the bottom line?

Branding and visibility are definitely one of the benefits. Another is lead generation:

  • 77% of people felt persuaded to buy a product or service after watching the video (Source: Wyzowl);
  • 74% said they did buy that product or service eventually (Source: Wyzowl);
  • 34% increase in web conversion rate for businesses that use videos (Source: Aberdeen Group).

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