Reasons All Brands Should Invest In SMS Marketing


The best way to get ahead with your marketing venture is to invest in SMS marketing and start using it immediately. Remember, by the time you finish reading this article thousands of other real estate brands will have joined the bandwagon. Therefore, be quick to go through these specific reasons why you should not hesitate in investing and start using SMS marketing today.

People now are more accustomed to devices, tools and software irrespective of their use. Therefore, automation in marketing is crucial to reach out to these tech-savvy people more effectively and easily.

All modern real estate businesses irrespective of their size have found that they can integrate SMS marketing effectively and transform their existing marketing strategy, courtesy of SMS marketing automation with different tools such as mass text message apps. These tools have huge potential to make a make your marketing campaign more targeted and result oriented by creating, scheduling and implementing smart marketing techniques.

Facts before the reasons

A few statistical facts will substantiate the reasons to invest in a SMS marketing campaign. According to the study report published by Simmons National Consumer Study, NCS it is found that:

  • More than 91% of the population are accustomed to and use text messaging in any given week and
  • About 51% of them are even willing to share their mobile numbers provided they are given some sort of incentives.

Another survey report conducted by Jamie Tolentino of The Next Web says that:

  • SMS marketing is the most effective and useful approach to reach out to more and more users
  • It has more than 90% read rate in a minute making it the most result driven and high yielding and
  • SMS has highest rate for engagement which facilitates the timeliness of delivery as compared to emails and any other OTT or over the top apps

A third survey report published by Ken Rhie, the CEO of Trumpia says that:

  • SMS marketing is best channel that is proven to allow the marketers to reach to their customers more effectively and
  • It has more than 90% open rate making it the fastest ones to be read as compared to emails and direct mails that are known to be too slow and also the social media which is infamously known to be inundated with spams

Last but not least, there is an article published by Open Market that states most people prefer following those businesses and brands that use text messaging instead of phone calls for informing the users or for customer service. This is because most people now do like to talk over the phone.

However, there is additional research that suggests SMS marketing can be the most crucial and essential component of a multi-channel marketing strategy of any organization irrespective of its size, business type, and age or demographic.

Therefore, there is no doubt that implementing effective SMS messaging will be benefited in a great way by generating new leads. Most importantly, mobile devices used today are the best way to engage more customers through the buying or rental process.

Reasons to invest

If you are still not convinced about the power of SMS marketing, the following reasons will surely clear up all your doubts.

  • The first significant reason to invest in a SMS marketing campaign is that it will allow you to ensure immediate delivery of messages. This is the most direct marketing channel available to you which has a proven record of 97% open and read rates and that is within just three minutes of delivery.
  • It will also ensure direct delivery of your messages which will, in turn, start immediate communication and stimulate buying. The faster you communicate, the sooner the consumer will make a buying decision. This direct communication will also help you to cultivate and nurture long lasting relationships between you and your consumers.
  • Research also shows that through SMS marketing you will get quick feedback from customers as more than 31% of customers will respond to your messages via a smartphone. Since the average response time is found to be less than six minutes, you will receive results in a comparatively short period of time if you initiate surveys through SMS.
  • Through SMS, you will be able to know about the market trends, what customers think about you, and know what they like and dislike about your brand so that you can use such valuable data to improve your service and give your customers more value thereby raising their trust with your brand.
  • The instant deliverability of text messages will provide instant results which is a very crucial aspect for time-sensitive messages. According to the IDC data, 62% of people check their smartphones immediately after waking up and 79% check their phones within 15 minutes after waking up.
  • With over triple the open rate of emails which hovers around 30%, you do not have to worry about creating a great subject line to inspire the recipient to open and read your text message.
  • SMS also has a very high conversion rate as all mobile users tend to respond to strong call to actions in text messages as compared to any other marketing channel. The primary reason behind this is the simplicity of the message that is short and does not have many links, not bogged down with multiple images and a clear and concise call to action.

Lastly, you do not have to deal with the spam filters with SMS as with emails. All these reasons make SMS a more effective real estate marketing strategy.