Recruiting Real Estate Agents in a Digital World

Starting and growing a successful real estate business is a dream for many businesspeople and investors in the industry. With the business bringing in more money, an immense workload occurs, which usually leads to a dilemma for most Realtors:

Do I work 60 hours a week, or do I recruit agents and delegate tasks to agents and admin staff?

When you add in the need for more meetings via Zoom and other digital platforms, recruiting online for real estate agents becomes essential. If you aren’t convinced of the importance of recruiting agents, here are just a couple reasons why it’s so important:

More Significant Clientele Base

With more home buyers interested in purchasing, buying, or renting houses from your real estate business, the volume of leads significantly increases. It is not only taxing but also nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Recruiting more agents to match up the growing clientele helps manage this high number of clients and close deals consistently.

Buyers agents can keep track of and engage with all of the clients the lead agent would like to delegate; they provide knowledge about the house, the neighborhood in which the home is located, its amenities, and handling all the appointments that help filter out all the serious buyers. As a business owner, there’s more time to manage other brokerage business issues and expand the business without losing income through clientele loss.

Workforce Team Growth

More real estate agents reduce the workload for the lead agent and allows them to focus on obtaining listing clients and higher-priced buyer clients. Additionally, they can bring individuals with specialized skills such as social media account managers, administrators, and transaction coordinators.

As a whole, these individuals handle the clients on behalf of the team, save time and money, and ensure the business runs smoothly. It can help you build professional networks and expand the brokerage business for future business transactions with real estate professionals.

We just outlined all of the reasons why recruiting is so important, but how do you actually recruit them?

Host Networking Events

In an ever-changing digital landscape, a real estate team must know how to stay competitive in recruiting its real estate agents. The company can host a networking event aimed at recruiting agents and Zoom makes it easy to host these events virtually. Hosting a quarterly or biannual event like a happy hour helps one meet the agents in a less formal setting.

Prospective agents can connect with the lead agent, and this helps build a good rapport. The lead agent can also provide information regarding their business, including current number of leads, transactions in escrow, and the average leads generated per month.

Virtual networking is also great when you are recruiting during seasons with extreme temperatures. For example, agents in Chicago may not want to drive or commute in January, and Scottsdale Realtors would much rather enjoy a cocktail from home than stepping into a 120-degree car.

Reach Out via Email and Social Media

A brokerage doesn’t need to have the latest tech, but it is crucial to utilize the online platforms already available to gain this competitive edge. To recruit people on digital platforms, some of the channels used include email and social media. Opening and running social media accounts on most of the popular platforms will help reach a wider audience.

Sending out recruitment messages to agents who have interacted with the brokerage through networking and new potential agents through social media helps reach a wider audience. It is crucial to use search enhancers such as hashtags and trending topics, and mobile applications.

Setup a Facebook Group and Provide Guidance

Having an online presence is crucial since it tends to give a competitive edge to real estate in recruiting agents online. A Facebook group is one way to provide information about your team, broadcast recruitment for agents, and act as a source of information.

This website allows the brokerage to connect with current and potential house owners, provide its clientele base with advice and updates on current market trends, give pointers on market prices and what to look out for when buying a house. Furthermore, when recruiting real estate agents online, they can get general information about the brokerage on the Facebook page, easily accessed online.


In conclusion, the changing technology makes it easier to not only recruit experienced agents but to increase an expand the industry. Take advantage of the digital platforms and applications available to maximize your opportunity to recruit high-quality buyer’s agents.