Should You Sell Your House as-is Or Fix It Up?

house as is for sale

Selling a house is no easy feat in general. One of the important things you need to decide on is whether to spend time and money fixing your house up or just try to sell it as is. Here’s a helpful guide to help you decide whether or not it’s best to sell your house as-is or fix it up.

When deciding whether or not to fix your house or not before selling depends on several factors. For instance, you should consider the condition of other houses for sale in your area. Another thing to consider is the condition of the real estate market, is it hot, cold or neutral?

You should also consider if there’s a guarantee of a return on your investment. The problem is many sellers invest too much into repairing their homes before listing them for sale. They ended up wasting money on repairing flaws that a buyer most likely won’t notice or just won’t pay extra for. 

When It’s Better To Sell a Home As Is

If your property requires a ton of work, you might be better off selling your house as is. For example, your electrical system doesn’t work, you have holes in the walls, and all faucets are leaking. These problems cannot be easily fixed, and fixing them can be really expensive. In this case, you might want to sell it for a low price to attract multiple offers or you can sell it to a cash home buyer who buys a house as is. 

What To Consider Before Fixing Up Your Home

To make the right decision of whether or not to fix your house before selling, weigh in the cost of the required improvements versus the home’s market value after the repairs and/or upgrades are completed. 

Improvements might not be worth it if an upgrade won’t return your investment. Also take note that kitchens and baths can give you the highest return. Prioritize them before doing upgrades in the master bedroom. 

If you have time, you can visit other homes for sale in the neighborhood to see the condition and amenities in these properties. These are your competition so you better put up a good fight by getting your house ready, but it doesn’t mean you have to tear out your cabinets and purchase designer appliances to get ahead of the competition. A minor kitchen remodel will do. You can simply update the hardware of your cabinets or paint oak cabinets with a darker color. This can give your kitchen an all-new look without the expensive cost. 

How the Market Affects Your Decision To Fix or Sell House As Is

With an extremely hot market, you can typically get away with fewer repairs before selling it. But remember that a home that requires repairs still means a lower price in any market. In slow markets, you can expect for buyers not to even consider a home that needs work. 

If you want to sell house quick and you don’t have the budget for repairs, then you might want to consider selling your house as is to sell house for cash to companies like The Cincinnati House Buyer.