Steps to a Safe Open House with Covid-19

Safety Protocols for Realtor Open House

Many realtors and brokers held virtual open houses throughout the pandemic. But with the vaccine rollout throughout the country, Open Houses are making a strong comeback in time for the summer home-buying season. 

The CDC suggests the following safety guidelines for your Open House

If you and the seller determine to do an open house, consider requiring the following: kindly request the prospective home buyers to disinfect their hands upon entering the home, limit the number of people in the home, (no more than 10 to be safe, 25 max if large property).

Have hand sanitizers available at the entrance and always remember to have plenty of soap and disposable towels in each bathroom.

Provide disposable masks and shoe booties. Place a trash can at the door upon exiting that they can toss the shoe booties and masks.

Ask the client about cleaning the property before the open house. It is advisable to use a cleaning service that can truly disinfect the home. Promote in your social media and any ads you place that the house has been fully disinfected for their safety. State the same to each prospective buyer who walks in for the showing.

You may want to bring your own disinfectant wipes to wipe down the doors and faucets as people walk in and out of the property.

You want to make sure that prospective home buyers continue to maintain social distancing.

One realtor used a hand sanitizer has a marketing tool for her Open Houses

“The past three showings I provided free hand sanitizers to each person walking in for a showing. I placed my contact info on it and many stated, they will keep it in their car or handbag. Each time they use the hand sanitizer, they see my contact info. I also made up a pretty box that I placed next to the sign-in sheets, so they can sanitize when they walk in and get a free bottle to take home.

I purchased my new favorite SaniMoist on Amazon as it is a natural and effective sanitizer and moisturizes the hands, and safe for the entire family. I thought a great gift for my buyers,” JL PA

Open House Display Box Realtor Used at the Open House

This past year dealing with the pandemic educated us about sanitizing our homes and our hands to stay healthy, not just for Covid-19, but for lifelong healthy habits. I do believe that post-pandemic, most realtors will continue with these guidelines.