Three essential tips for website SEO audit in 2019

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Most businesses today are online. And, it is vital for business owners to make sure that their online customers have a pleasant navigating experience. Today, SEO professionals come up with enhanced and new strategies to add to the overall user experience. Optimizing your website for search engines is essential. But it’s not a smart call either to overlook user experience as well.

It is here that you need to say yes to a comprehensive and organized website SEO audit. It will help your site to perform better and outshine other market players as well.

2019 has been declared as the year for artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning. Hence, it is essential for companies to brush up their technical skills, website SEO audit to perform better on the digital domain. Three essential tips to follow here are:

Use cross-device capacities within Google Analytics to understand users better

Do you want to understand the complete customer journey on your website? If yes, then you can opt-in for cross-device reporting through Google Analytics.

Simply put, Cross-Device reporting helps to showcase data to your users visiting your site from multiple devices. When people start a nominal interaction on your site from their mobile devices, you can come up with an ad campaign for only mobile devices. The report helps you to arrive at better decisions. You can also develop targeted ad campaigns that support ROI.

Recognize indexation problems by using Index Coverage Status Report

SEO professionals should solve any problems associated with apt website indexation. And there’s no proper way to get it done than opting in for an Index Coverage Status report offered by Google Analytics. Using this report, you can check the count of authentic indexed pages correctly. You can also keep a tab on the excluded pages as well as the pages that have warnings and errors. Using this tool, you can correct your website pages. And that will enhance both the user experience as well as the search engine ranks.

Conduct a thorough backlink audit

Backlinks will always get counted as one of the integral SEO components. Google, as well as other search engines, make use of backlinks as an important ranking factor. The sites that have powerful and important backlinks can stay in high positions in search engine outcomes. However, the sites that come with pointless, redundant and spammy backlinks will always have a risk of getting penalized by Google. The entire site has a chance to get de-indexed from the Google search results. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a complete backlink audit for understanding the link types that your site procures. It is also vital to discover the links that other market players are using. It will help you to outshine them and perform better.

Have you thought about your SEO strategy in 2019? If yes, then you can add these three SEO tips for better website audit. SEO is always changing, and your site needs to accommodate the changes too. Using the tips mentioned above for website audit, you will help your users to have a better browsing experience. They will stay on your site for a longer time.