Transform Your Business Through a Growth Hacking Mindset

Growth Hacking

Having a growth hacking mindset could change the entire game for your real estate business, as it makes you a marketer with programming experience. A growth hacker doesn’t necessarily have to replace the marketer; while a marketer has a broad focus including a budget, conversions, and more, the major focus of a growth hacker revolves around growth. The main goal of every marketer is to see progress and a convincing result for all their efforts, and growth hacking could be the next step to an effective marketing strategy.

Companies like Airbnb, Facebook, and Uber, experienced massive growth after launch, and what better way to explain this than using the growth hacking method?

Here are 7 ways to bring growth hacking into your start-up or already established business:

1. Understand your audience and engage new clients

The first step to growing your business is understanding what you have to offer your audience. Know the category you’re aiming at and what they need. For example, what the younger generation would need is completely different from what the older generation could be asking for. Smartphones and the Internet are more common among the younger ones, and you may want to maximize that for your campaign. If, on the other hand, you deal with the older people, you may want to look into radio and magazine advertising. Using this tactic will help your marketing to be more successful, as you have a pool of individuals with similar interests, known as your audience.

2. Identifying growth opportunities

Growth hacking has to be intentional, and this includes identifying opportunities that you can work on and maximize to get the best result. This will involve creative, strategic thinking, and wide research. It is often easy to come up with ideas but getting one that works best, and that can fit into a particular project in the best way might not come so easy. Whatever you do, you need to engage your audience while innovating and increasing them. Put your ideas together, get the best of them, and start trying them out. Kep it at the back of your mind that failure is bound to happen, but it shouldn’t stop you from still trying. There is success waiting in the end.

3. Leads through social media

Social media has become a priority in businesses today, and its effect cannot be overemphasized. Beyond publicizing your business and attracting people, social media can help generate leads and also help you maintain your clients. Through social media, you can engage with your audience and have loyal customers who will always return to purchase your products or services.

4. Instilling a growth mindset

Every other tactic will not be effective if you do not instill the growth mindset in your organization. It is not just about you but about everyone else who works to ensure that the business thrives, else the growth will not be evident. Make growth a priority among your workforce, and that begins with the executives. The executives should set the pace and instill the same mindset across the organization, and there will be huge results in the end.

5. Forum marketing, a high ROI strategy

This is also another great way to stand out from the crowd. Simply make a good impression of your business to your audience and watch them promote your product for you. You could give a limited-time offer, like a discount for a valued product for a few days, to make them more inclined to purchase immediately and not delay any further.

6. Redefining products

For a long time, many people viewed products as things you could see and touch, and that has changed over the years, as products are now beyond physical goods. This calls for a redefining, as this new idea of products requires a new approach, thinking, and strategy to market it to your audience. Adjust your business to fit into the new-age definition of products and serve your audience what they need while being creative at it.

7. Work on pre-launch leads

You don’t have to wait until your website is launched before you can begin generating leads. Simply start publicizing and creating a buzz around your website before launch, and you would have gotten some leads before the official kick off. A common and easy way to go about this is via social media platforms. Let your audience look forward to buying a property with you, such that the moment you launch, potential clients are waiting.


Growth hacking involves lots of resources, but you need to figure out what would work best for your real estate business, as every business is different and would require different tactics. Learn from others but don’t lift their ideas without first aligning it with your own goals. It is all about the mindset; think like a growth hacker and transform your business into a growth machine.