How to Uncover Invaluable Real Estate SEO Data on the Fly

real estate seo data

Tracking real estate SEO data is essential to both steady organic growth and great advertising campaigns. If you’d like to get insights beyond Google Analytics and Search Console, here are some good tools to start using. 

Our post today is a quick introduction into the world of digital data, which you can get free for your brokerage. It has a great practical meaning empowering you to:

  • boost your organic growth by improving your content marketing and SEO efforts;
  • enhance your online ad campaigns by targeting the right keywords.

For every agent who wants to track the digital impact of their websites, Google Analytics and Search Console are indispensable. Free insights and diverse metrics are available at any time and help business owners make educated decisions.

However, these tools are not without their limitations. Search Console, for example, offers lots of data but it’s quite difficult to get insights at a glance. Not to mention the fact that it stores real estate SEO data for only 90 days.

So if you’d like to enhance your stats and get more SEO insights, check out the following tools.

How to dig up more valuable real estate SEO data

1. Console Rocket

Console Rocket is a free tool that you can integrate with your Search Console account to dig up new valuable insights. As you may know, Search Console provides data on impressions, clicks and click-through rates for both pages and queries. However, it’s pretty hard to track connections between them as a page can rank for a few queries at any one time and the interface doesn’t make this multi-level connection very obvious.

Console Rocket offers some great functionality to overcome these limitations:

  • keywords each page ranks for;
  • historical data on rankings;
  • click-through rate charts for different devices;
  • branded vs. non-branded keywords and lots more.

With Console Rocket, you can map pages and queries you want to rank for in one easy-to-read interface (and export that data anytime).

2. Search Analytics for Sheets

If you’re most comfortable using spreadsheets, this free add-on will be a perfect match for you. Probably the greatest advantage of Search Analytics for Sheets is that it lets you overcome the 90-day limitation of storing data.

All you have to do is install the add-on and it will start showing up in Google Sheets. The tool’s website offers a pretty clear explanation:

Search Analytics for Spreadsheets

Source: Search Analytics for Sheets

Additionally, you can instruct the tool to automatically backup your Search Analytics data. This is a fantastic feature as no manual action is required – set it and forget it.

Another benefit is that you can group and filter the real estate SEO data as you like, create charts and share it with your team members. All of this across any device, mobile, desktop or tablet.

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