Upgrade Your Yard with These In-Demand Pool Features Buyers Want

When people want to sell their homes, of course they’re going to want to get as much money as they can. Well, you know the saying that you have to spend money to make money, right? According to the Q1 2021 survey released by HomeLight, it’s a crazy seller’s market and buyers are particularly interested in homes with a pool. Not just any pool, they want a pool with at least one of these upgrades. 

62% of buyers want an outdoor kitchen

When you have a pool and have guests over, you’re going to have to have beverages and snacks on hand. But buyers don’t want their guests to have unfettered access to their kitchens when they’ve been swimming in the pool! That’s why homes with an outdoor kitchen are in high demand. 

Keep in mind that an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be an elaborate set up, it can just be a built-in grill, a prep area and a mini-fridge. You don’t have to go crazy!

46% of buyers want a safety fence

Swimming pools can be dangerous and it’s no surprise that buyers want a beefed up safety fence surrounding the pool area. They’re looking for a safety fence that’s self-closing and self-latching, is above 4-feet high and features strong mesh and reinforced poles. 

43% of buyers want an updated deck surround

A pool is the main feature of your yard, so the deck can’t be an eyesore! Buyers want pools where the deck has been updated and looks as great as the rest of the house. Now, the best type of decking material and design is up for debate, but whatever you do choose, try to make sure it compliments the rest of your home.

38% of buyers want a hot tub or spa

A pool is a luxury, sure, but when you add a hot tub or spa into the mix? Oh yeah… That’s luxury on another level! Buyers love pool areas where they can soak in the hot tub for a little while and then go for a swim before they saddle up to the wet bar (which could be part of the outdoor kitchen!) for a cocktail. 

36% of buyers want upscale hardscaping

Buyers are drawn to a home based on it’s curb appeal; and, while they may not see the entirety of the backyard when driving by, the way the backyard looks plays a role when making the decision to buy. You can improve the look of your backyard by investing in upscale landscaping. This means redoing the walkways with something a little more posh. It means putting borders around the flower beds, and it means adding decorative stone elements to really amp up the “wow” factor.

26% of buyers want a sound system

Music is the lifeblood of any good gathering and buyers aren’t satisfied with relying on those dinky portable bluetooth speakers. They want a pool area that has a sound system built in, that way they can connect their phone or computer to the system, hit play and forget it. Bonus points if it’s Alexa compatible!

22% of buyers want a water feature

Although a pool is a water feature in and of itself, buyers want something that adds a little more pizazz to their yard. This could be a koi pond, a waterfall or fountain, or it could even be a water wall. If you hired a professional to work on your hardscaping, you could ask if they do water features as well – most do. 

Investing in your home when you’re about to sell it may seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re able to schedule a free home appraisal before the upgrades and then after, you might be surprised by how much one (or all) of these features can increase your home’s value.