Using Facebook Groups To Find House Sellers

How to find house sellers and buyers on Facebook groups

Facebook Groups To Find House Sellers

Have you spent a ton of money on direct mail just to see the response rate from house sellers continue to fall? PPC costs continuing to climb? Sending SMS messages that are being filtered by carriers before even reaching the homeowners? Try finding house sellers and buyers for free in local Facebook groups!

Finding buyers or sellers who need to sell their home fast is becoming more difficult and expensive by the day. It used to be relatively easy and cheap to get a good listing opportunity or find the right buyer for a property. Leads costs are skyrocketing. While many investors with deep pockets and huge marketing budgets can still make a profit, it’s been harder for new investors to break into the investor space and find their own houses to flip. I have been able to find house sellers who want to sell their house fast by posting for free on local Facebook groups. Here is a quick guide on how to post in Facebook groups correctly to get your message seen and get deals for FREE.

Where To Post To Reach House Sellers

Find local groups and request to join. Only join about 5 new groups a day to not trigger any spam filters by Facebook. You want to find groups that have a lot of members. I aim for at least 5,000.

It doesn’t really matter what the group is all about. If it’s a group with a bunch of horse lovers in Pierce County and it has more than 5,000 people in it. I will join and they will see my message. One group you don’t want to post in is real estate groups. It’s full of investors and agents and that is not the crowd you are looking to target.

Pro Tip: Remove the “Where you live” on your profile if you are targeting sellers or buyers out of your hometown. These are local groups and you will likely not get accepted by the group admins if it says you live out of state.

Examples of groups to join:

  • Buy Sell Trade
  • Virtual Garage Sales
  • Sell Nothing [insert market location]
  • [market location] Community Blotter

Don’t Post Too Much Or The Same Message

Facebook has spam filters. If you try to post the same message over and over again in a bunch of groups you can get put into facebook jail and temporarily or permanently unable to post in groups. I post in 5 different groups a day and wait about 2 weeks before posting in the same group. Use discretion and don’t go crazy when posting.

Keep Your Message Personal

Do not start posting “We Buy Houses For Cash” or “Sell Your House Fast” and say how you can close on a property in 7 days. You will likely get booted from the group and if you don’t, your response rate will be low.

A good example of a message is, “Hey guys, I’m looking for a new project. If you have a house that needs some love and are thinking about selling, I would love to check it out and make you an offer.”

Don’t Post Your Website

You’re in Facebook’s house and you have to please them. Their mission is to keep eyes on their site for as long as possible. They do not want to send people off their platform and so they give preference to posts that do not include links that lead their users off of Facebook. If you do include your website in a post, you’ll have about 5 views instead of a few hundred. You’ve been warned.

Add A Background To Stand Out

Post Example to find motivated sellers on Facebook groups

Adding a colored background really makes your post stand out and “stops the scroll”. You will get a higher engagement rate if you do this. You can also add an edited image with your message embedded on the photo, but I found this gives it a less commercial look. The goal here is to look like a mom and pop type set up. Not a company that is going to low ball the seller.

Stay On Top Of Your Notifications

House sellers will respond. They might ask for you to message them and you should do so right away. If you wait until they are offline your odds of getting them back in your grasps drop significantly. So turn on your notifications so you don’t miss your opportunity to get a house under contract. Or worse, your competition sees your post and they swoop in and steal your lead out from under you.

Close Those Deals With House Sellers

It’s relatively easy to get house sellers to be interested in an offer. It’s harder to get them to accept a cash offer for their home. Sharpen your negotiating skills every day. The Book, “Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss really helped me when starting out.