What Are The Pro Tips For Training Real Estate Agents?

Training real estate agents

Training real estate agents is essential in ensuring the success of any listing agency or brokerage firm. From pre-license courses to real estate license training and continuing education, there are more options available to prospective real estate brokers than ever before.

Because new agents hail from different backgrounds, you may find some already have the sales and marketing experience required to be successful. 

Though prior sales experience is an advantage, it cannot be directly translated into marketing and selling real estate. They are required to undergo training to understand the market trends in the housing sector.

This post outlines pro tips for training real estate agents you should adopt to help you prepare your agents effectively.

  1. Nurturing leads and prospects.

Real estate is a game of numbers, and agents survive based on how they follow up on leads and prospects. Additionally, buying and selling an estate can be a long process as each prospect is at a different stage of their property search.

Training brokers and real estate agents on nurturing leads and keeping the clients engaged throughout the process by creating an emotional connection with them can be beneficial to your firm.

  1. Basic communication skills.

Assuming that an agent is able to communicate clearly or craft a perfect property description can offer more harm than good. Communication is an art that requires regular training and practice, particularly when a specific message needs to be passed.

Training your agents to communicate effectively and encouraging them to practice the message will give them the courage and skills to professionally interact with leads and prospects.

  1. Technology.

Technology is taking over so many industries, and real estate is not exempted. In fact, it has made it easier for agents and brokers to display their properties to buyers. 

Not everybody is tech-savvy and technology complicated hence the need for training. To some agents, it can be as simple as teaching them to operate a mobile app, while to others, it can be very hard.

Regardless of the tools and level of exposure, training real estate agents is critical to help them understand how to use technology. Especially in reference to managing leads, contact information, and a pipeline of clients in your CRM.

As a sales or office manager who supervises real estate agents and brokers, it is essential to keep your agents updated on the different technological advancements.

  1. MLS listings.

Nowadays, most people do their property searches online. And during this time, the chances are that whatever information they find there is generated from a multiple listing system.

Even if your agents may know how to use technology, it is likely they have never seen an MLS database. An MLS helps the agent to list and view other properties within their area.

Since it is not easy for an average person to use an MLS, training real estate agents on how to use the system is vital for the success of your team.

  1. Perseverance.

Unlike most professions, property agents always work independently, even if they are a team. With such minimum supervision, individual perseverance is important in nurturing leads and prospects.

Perseverance is an inborn value, and it is hard to teach; however, it is an important training component. 

Nurturing leads and prospects is a process and needs time to strike a deal, so train your agents to be determined and keep working hard so they can reap the benefits later.

  1. Planning and time management

New agents with few or no leads and prospects may require time management and schedules. As their client base starts to grow and they become busier, they will want to check their schedules closely.

Giving your agents training in time management and scheduling provide them a time frame to grow. It also helps them plan their priorities and hit deadlines.

  1. Marketing.

One of the main secrets to the success of real estate is marketing. Though the rise of technology has complicated marketing, the basic principles remained the same.

Training your agents on marketing skills will help them market themselves and their properties professionally. This will make them ahead of most people and reach prospects in different ways, translating to more leads.

  1. Constant training

The process of getting licensed is a rigorous one where a person studies for months to pass the exam, which is a relief and an accomplishment. However, having a license does not qualify a person as a real estate agent.

Regular training is vital in becoming a successful agent. You can also apply some positive pressure to read books by top Agents and follow knowledgeable real estate influencers. With ongoing education, periodical revision of the tips above can help the agents have great professional development.


Constant training in any industry is vital for the success of the business, and real estate is not left behind. Training real estate agents will give you a competitive advantage, resulting in more leads, which translates to profits.

Train your agents on how to nurture leads and prospects, on communication skills, and train them on technology and digital skills.

Finally, train them to be determined and persevere as the real estate industry requires time to break through. 

Happy training.